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Above is an image of the first issue of the NYC DOC newsletter The Pen.

Below is a list of 10 issues of the New York City Department of Correction's second known newsletter, The Pen, that emerged under Commissioner William Ciuros Jr.. They are kept in the archives maintained by the New York Correction History Society at the Correction Academy.

The first issue's editorial provides some background information about its emergence:


In this first editorial of THE PEN, we feel it appropriate to explain what we envision THE PEN to be and how we view its role in the Department.

First, it is a publication which belongs to all of us. This first issue is itself a product of the contributions of many different people in a variety of capacities throughout the Department.

The original impetus for THE PEN's creation came from Commissioner Ciuros. His deep and sustained interest and guidance have given THE PEN its form.

Many others in the Department have participated in a variety of ways. We had enthusiastic participation in the contest to name this publication and design its logo. So imaginative were the names and graphic work submitted that we had a difficult time indeed choosing the winners. Finally, after much deliberation we chose THE PEN, submitted by Devora Cohn, Director of Labor Relations, and the logo which appears on the masthead, submitted by Officer Joseph Borg, of ARDC. Officer Borg further assisted THE PEN by actually executing the artwork for the logo which appears in THE PEN and preparing it for printing.

Our second and third prize winners were also excellent. ON THE COUNT submitted by Officers John Barone and William Kozack of Design and Engineering will title the Editorial Section as it appears above. Captain Robert Bach of the Transportation Division submitted ON THE GATE, which will title the section of THE PEN pertaining to news items about members and organizations of the Department. A special award of Honorable Mention went to Officer Carmine Casarino of the Queens House of Detention.

Marvin J. Tessenholtz from the Rikers Island Print Shop and Roy Adams from Operations, as well as various members of the staffs of the Office of Special Projects and Public Affairs have provided invaluable help. We also want to thank Officer Errol Toulon of C.O.B.A. whose photograph of the Swearing-In Ceremonies appears on the front cover.

There are many others who have contributed in a variety of ways, too numerous to mention here. Publication of THE PEN has been a team effort in every sense of the word.
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Under Commissioner Ciuros' direction, we have tried to design THE PEN in such a way as to ensure that it will be a useful vehicle for the entire Department.

We will exchange our feelings and ideas. Commissioner Ciuros will write a column of his own. There will be a Letters to the Editor section where we will have the opportunity to express our ideas and suggestions. We also welcome the submission of articles, pictures and artwork which you feel are appropriate.

THE PEN hopes to be a resource to the Department by providing various types of useful information to its members. We will cover activities of the Department on an ongoing basis. Opinions" will solicit the ideas and attitudes of prominent people in the city, especially within the criminal justice system as they concern the Department. In addition, we will offer articles, such as the one in this issue by Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, to broaden our knowledge and understanding as correctional workers. We will also conduct our own studies in future issues. From time to time we will review books in the correctional field.

We welcome your suggestions and contributions and are eager for you to submit them to THE PEN at 100 Centre Street. THE PEN belongs to all of us and what itt becomes and how it develops will be a result of all our efforts.

The Pen 1978-79 William Ciuros Jr. Edward I. Koch
Vol.1 No.1 May 1978 Ciuros' first DOC newsletter
Vol.1 No.2 June 1978 features Buono bridge naming
Vol.1 No.3 ???. 1978 missing No. 3 copy
Vol.1 No.4 October 1978 features Correction Day ceremonies
Vol.1 No.5 December 1978 features Emergency Response Team
Vol.1 No.6 February 1979 features slain C.O. Rudy Smith rites
Vol.1 No.7 April 1979 features thwarted escape try
Vol.1 No.8 June 1979 Ciuros' last issue

The Pen 1979-80 Benjamin Ward Edward I. Koch
Vol.1 No.9 August 1979 Benjamin Ward as Acting Commissioner
Vol.1? No.? January 1980 for some reason Volume Numbers went non-sequential; last issue of Pen features state Rikers takeover plan
NOTE: A month after the last issue of The Pen, the first issue of Inside Out appeared but without a volume number.
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