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Above is an image of the first known NYC DOC newsletter. Below are links to downloadable, printable, readable PDF images of its pages.

Below is a list of more than three dozen issues of the New York City Department of Correction's first known newsletter, Sidelights. They are kept in the archives maintained by the New York Correction History Society at the Correction Academy.

NYC DOC very likely published other newsletters during one period or another in the 60 years of its existence prior to publication of Sidelights [that actually started with the name Highlights]. But no copies or records of them have come down to us.

By issue Number 3, the DOC newsletter became Sidelights because another governmental agency's newsletter had prior claim on, and useage of the Highlights name.

In her 1957 annual report, Commissioner Kross seems to suggest Sidelights was an innovation so far as she was concerned:

The publication of a department periodical for the dissemination of information and news to all personnel had long been overdue in this department. . . .
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A better informed personnel will make for a more closely knit and efficient department. The initiation of this much needed informative pamphlet will improve morale and disseminate information to the rank and file that they would not ordinarily officially know, and thus keep them and other city agencies informed of the activities and programs of the department.

Commissioner Kross noted the actual physical production of the newsletter was one of the DOC printshop's inmate vocational training projects. She also thanked "a well-known printing firm" for generously, albeit annonymously, donating paper "off-cuts" used in the printshop's inmate training projects.

The Sidelights name continued for the DOC newsletter under Commissioner George McGrath during the Lindsay administration. But the publication became less frequent and, after a couple of issues, adopted a magazine format -- no articles on the front cover, a few feature articles rather a series of smaller items of information, larger photo layouts, and much greater use of "white space" as a design element.

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(PDF) newsletter
Vol. I No. 1 Pg.2
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(PDF) newsletter
Vol. I No. 1 Pg.3
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Sidelights 1957-65 Anna M. Kross Robert F. Wagner
Vol.1 No.1 July 1957 archives' oldest DOC newsletter
Vol.1 No.2 Aug. 1957 #1 & #2 were actually named Highlights
Vol.1 No.3 Sept. - Oct. 1957 name changed to Sidelights starting with #3
Vol.1 No.4 Nov. 1957 another agency had newsletter named Highlights
Vol.1 No.5 Dec. 1957  
Vol.2 No.1 Jan. - Feb. 1958  
Vol.2 No.2 March - April 1958  
Vol.2 No.3 May - June 1958  
Vol.2 No.4 July - Oct 1958  
Vol.2 No.5 Nov. - Dec. 1958  
Vol.3 No.2 Mar. - Apr. 1959  
Vol.3 No.3 May - July 1959  
Vol.3 No.4 Aug. - Oct. 1959  
Vol.3 No.5 Nov. - Dec. 1959  
Vol.4 No.1 Jan. - March 1960  
Vol.4 No.2 Summer - Fall 1960  
Vol.5 No.1 Jan. - May 1961  
Vol.5 No.2 June - Sept. 1961  
Vol.5 No.3 Oct. - Dec. 1961  
Vol.6 No.1 Jan. - March 1962  
Vol.6 No.2 April - Aug. 1962  
Vol.6 No.3 Sept. -Dec. 1962  
Vol.7 No.1 Jan. - April 1963  
Vol.7 No.2 May - Sept. 1963  
Vol.8 No.1 Jan.- March 1964  
Vol.8 No.2 April - June 1964  
Vol.8 No.3 July - Oct. 1964  
Vol.8 No.4 Nov. - Dec. 1964  
Vol.9 No.1 Jan. - June 1965  
Vol.10 No.1 Jan. - April 1966 Kross' last issue spotlighted successor McGrath

Sidelights 1966-69 George F. McGrath John V. Lindsay
Vol.10 No.2 May - July 1966 George McGrath's first issue as Commissioner
Vol.10 No.3 Aug.- Oct. 1966 Page 1 changes: fonts, banner photo strips
Vol.11 No.1 Unspecified 1967 seems issued in late spring; has magazine look
Vol.11 No.2 Unspecified 1967 seems issued in late fall
Vol.11 No.3 Unspecified 1967 seems issued in winter
Vol.12 No.1 Unspecified 1968 seems issued in spring
Vol.12 No.2 Unspecified 1968 seems issued in fall
Vol.12 No.3 Unspecified 1968 seems issued in winter
Vol.13 No.1 Unspecified 1969 seems issued in late spring
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