1981 DOC Olympics/C-71 Reunion Album -- Page 5

Image derived from front cover of Errol D. Toulon's 1981 C-71 Reunion album.

Image of NYC Correction Olympics emblem derived from committee members list page in album.

Errol D. Toulon, now a Monroe College professor but formerly NYC Correction Academy executive officer, made available to this website in the summer of 2010 some of his Correction memorabilia.

Included was a photo album whose flowery front cover bears the title "1981 C-71 Reunion" hand-written in black marker ink. Pasted on the obverse of that front cover is a typed, black-bordered notice, evidentally placed there circa 1981, reading "Photos by Errol D. Toulon, P.O. Box 52, Bronx, New York, 10451."

Typed material about the Correction Olympics Committee's 2nd Annual C-71 Reunion fills the album's first 5 pages. All the texts from those 5 pages are replicated in this web presentation. The text from the album's Page 5 appears below the horizontal orange divider bar.

No photos appear on the first 5 pages. Color photos -- 3.5 x 5 inches each, arranged four on a page, all uncaptioned -- do occupy album Pages 6 through 40. Some of those 140 reunion photos were scanned by the webmaster and the scanned images have been interspersed -- for web design purposes -- among the texts replicated. These images have been numbered so that viewers wishing to offer additional information about one or more of them can refer to the individual photos by their respective ID numbers. Email us at nychs@nyc.rr.com

The word "Clickable" in the information below a photo indicates that double-clicking the screen pointer on that image will access a larger version of it. Use your browser's "back" button to return.

6 of One, a Half Dozen of the Other
No caption or headline accompanied the above photo or, for that matter, any photo in Errol D. Toulon's album of some 140 photos from the Correction Olympics Committee's 1981 C-71 Reunion Party. The webmaster has selected a sampling of the reunion photos. He has assigned ID numbers to those selected so that viewers wanting to supply information about any of them can indicate to which image they refer.

This 1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #17 is 8.333 inches wide. Smaller images on this page, if double-clicked, will acess 8.333 inches width versions. Use your browser's "back" button to return.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #18. Clickable.



Will the real Massey please stand up?

The two previous years has afforded us the opportunity of watching a true track star emerge in the person of Linda Massey.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #19. Clickable.

However, the driving force behind this tremendous female athlete is none other than Linda’s mother, a former officer and athlete herself, and one of the most dynamic persohalities I have ever met.

Mrs. Massey toiled many hours training our female athletes, and the display of awards garnered by the female track quartet will attest to her coaching attributes.

Once again, I reiterate, “will the real Massey please stand up” . . . and take a much deserving bow.

Thanks “MOM”


1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #20. Clickable.

Frank Woods is one of the most “involved” individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Frannk was a CO in C-71 when I came to Correction in 1962, and down through the years he has graciously rose through the ranks and yet has remained as unassuming (socially) as he was when I first made his acquaintance.

Frank was instrumental in forming our first Correctionaires Band in 1964, spearheaded the organization of the first Correction Officers Bowling League in 1965, and this year (almost 16 years later), the fires of enthusiam rage as fiercely as ever, because Frank worked dogmatically with CO Manny Nojica and trained our boxers for the 1981 Olympics.

I cannot verbalisticly express the admiration and love I have for this person whose gigantic stature is minimized by his unselfish spirit of involvement.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #21. Clickable.


My personal paridym is one of the most magnificently distinguished personalities and I have been blessed with having his acquaintance.

Mr. Isaacs played a very significant part in my life by simplifying my role in Correction. All I had to do was emulate (to the best of my ability) what this great person was about, not merely as an officer, but also as a human being.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #22. Clickable.

Thusly, by keeping my feet on the ground and my eyes on the sparrow, I managed to complete my correctional career with dignity and a sense of well being.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #23. Clickable.

I am at peace with myself, because by following the clearly visable guidelines laid by Mr. Isaacs, I know I have performed well.

My only prayer is that somewhere during my career I have contributed a postive impression upon another person somewhat in the manner in which I was influenced by Mr. Charlie Isaacs.

Thanks for everything, Charlie, and God Bless You.



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