1981 DOC Olympics/C-71 Reunion Album -- Page 3

Image derived from front cover of Errol D. Toulon's 1981 C-71 Reunion album.

Image of NYC Correction Olympics emblem derived from committee members list page in album.

Errol D. Toulon, now a Monroe College professor but formerly NYC Correction Academy executive officer, made available to this website in the summer of 2010 some of his Correction memorabilia.

Included was a photo album whose flowery front cover bears the title "1981 C-71 Reunion" hand-written in black marker ink. Pasted on the obverse of that front cover is a typed, black-bordered notice, evidentally placed there circa 1981, reading "Photos by Errol D. Toulon, P.O. Box 52, Bronx, New York, 10451."

Typed material about the Correction Olympics Committee's 2nd Annual C-71 Reunion fills the album's first 5 pages. All the texts from those 5 pages are replicated in this web presentation. The text from the album's Page 3 appears below the horizontal orange divider bar.

No photos appear on the first 5 pages. Color photos -- 3.5 x 5 inches each, arranged four on a page, all uncaptioned -- do occupy album Pages 6 through 40. Some of those 140 reunion photos were scanned by the webmaster and the scanned images have been interspersed -- for web design purposes -- among the texts replicated. These images have been numbered so that viewers wishing to offer additional information about one or more of them can refer to the individual photos by their respective ID numbers. Email us at nychs@nyc.rr.com

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The Tall & Short of It
No caption or headline accompanied the above photo or, for that matter, any photo in Errol D. Toulon's album of some 140 photos from the Correction Olympics Committee's 1981 C-71 Reunion Party. The webmaster has selected a sampling of the reunion photos. He has assigned ID numbers to those selected so that viewers wanting to supply information about any of them can indicate to which image they refer.

This 1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #8 is 8.333 inches wide. Smaller images on this page, if double-clicked, will acess 8.333 inches width versions. Use your browser's "back" button to return.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #9. Clickable.


The Correction Olympic Committee was formed in 1977 by

  • Eric McFarlane,
  • Thomas Estaba,
  • Robert Jones,
  • Ray Sullivan,
  • Donald Fleming,
  • Thomas Bryant,
  • Randy Pray,
  • Gerald Prince and
  • John Thompson.

The 1977 Police Olympics was hosted in Rochester with 1100 competitors from 60 various Law Enforcement Agencies. Thirty— eight members represented our Department in a variety of events and 18 medals were won.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #10. Clickable.

The 1978 Police Olympics was hosted at Farmingdale Community College by the Suffolk County Police Department.

Seventy-eight Correction Officers competed and, in spite of the spirited competition, our team managed 36 medals in the regionals and a contigent of 18 COs brought home 17 medals from the National Competition which was held in Los Angles during the month of August. 1300 contestants, including a volley-ball team from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, competed in the regionals.

In 1979, 1300 competitors and 65 agencies participated in the Olympic Games in Rochester, which also marked the initial app~arance of “Body Building” into the Olympic Games. We personally had 108 participants and won 72 medals.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #11. Clickable.

In 1980, West Point was the Regional Olympic site, and the Obstacle Course was introduced into the games.

Incidently, the first gold winner in this particular event was Johrinie Hugee (KDN), who amassed a perfect score of 500 points, whereas, his sensi “Silver Streak” (Randy Pray) scored 497 points and won a bronze medal for his efforts.

122 contestants participated and 69 medals were won. It was New York City’s turn to host, consequently, the International Olympic Meet was held in Nassau County and our contigent of 31 participants won 54 medals.

1981’s Olympics was hosted in Syracuse and we were fortunate enough to have a magnificent cadre

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #12. Clickable.

of athletes who garnered the highest amount of medals ever in Correction history.

We had 112 representatives from the Department and won 129 medals.

Canoeing and Tug-of-War were the new events entered in this year’s Olympics.

The 1982 Regional Olympic site will be West Point (approximately mid June) and for those who qualify (you must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your particular category), the International Competition will be held in Austin Texas in August.

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