1981 DOC Olympics/C-71 Reunion Album -- Page 1

Image derived from front cover of Errol D. Toulon's 1981 C-71 Reunion album.

Image of NYC Correction Olympics emblem derived from committee members list page in album.

Errol D. Toulon, now a Monroe College professor but formerly NYC Correction Academy executive officer, made available to this website in the summer of 2010 some of his Correction memorabilia.

Included was a photo album whose flowery front cover bears the title "1981 C-71 Reunion" hand-written in black marker ink. Pasted on the obverse of that front cover is a typed, black-bordered notice, evidentally placed there circa 1981, reading "Photos by Errol D. Toulon, P.O. Box 52, Bronx, New York, 10451."

Typed material about the Correction Olympics Committee's 2nd Annual C-71 Reunion fills the album's first 5 pages. All the texts from those 5 pages are replicated in this web presentation. The text from the album's Page 1 appears below the horizontal orange divider bar.

No photos appear on the first 5 pages. Color photos -- 3.5 x 5 inches each, arranged four on a page, all uncaptioned -- do occupy album Pages 6 through 40. Some of those 140 reunion photos were scanned by the webmaster and the scanned images have been interspersed -- for web design purposes -- among the texts replicated. These images have been numbered so that viewers wishing to offer additional information about one or more of them can refer to the individual photos by their respective ID numbers. Email us at nychs@nyc.rr.com

The word "Clickable" in the information below a photo indicates that double-clicking the screen pointer on that image will access a larger version of it. Use your browser's "back" button to return.

Who Are the 'Fillers' in This Line-up?
No caption or headline accompanied the above photo or, for that matter, any photo in Errol D. Toulon's album of some 140 photos from the Correction Olympics Committee's 1981 C-71 Reunion Party. The webmaster has selected a sampling of the reunion photos. He has assigned ID numbers to those selected so that viewers wanting to supply information about any of them can indicate to which image they refer.

This 1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #1 is 8.333 inches wide. Smaller images on this page, if double-clicked, will acess 8.333 inches width versions. Use your browser's "back" button to return.

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #2. Clickable.

DATE: OCTOBER 22, 1981.
TIME: 6:00pm — Until — 10:00pm.

Executive Officers

President -- Eric McFarlane
Vice President -- Robert Jones
Coordinator -- William Sanford
Asst/Coordinator -- Theodore Scott Asst/Coordinator -- Ray Sullivan
Treasurer -- William Estaba
Secretary -- Iva Hurston

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #3. Clickable.

Asst/Secretary -- Odell Adams
Sgt—at—Arms -- William Sutton
Public Affairs -- Errol Toulon
Financial Director -- James Pettiford

Advisory Committee

Millie Bostic -- Program Structuralist
ADW Leroy Drazier -- Master of Ceremonies
John Cuzman -- NYS Commission of Correction
Fred Laforey -- Retired
Walter Land -- Olympic Bowling Coach
ADW Harvey Pierce -- B'klyn HDM
DW Quaslim Inham -- HDM
DW Frank Woods -- Olympic Boxing Coach
Manny Mojicas -- Olympic Boxing Coach
Gaet Andra Jiles -- Chief Art Director
Edwin Felicien -- Supervisory Clerk
Wm "Ace" Barnes -- Olympic basketball Coach
Charles Isaacs -- Recreation Specialist
Lenny Roberts -- YMCA Director
Romona Massey -- Olympic Track Coach

1981 C-71 Reunion Photo #4. Clickable.

Eleanor Hurst -- Fund Raising Specialist
Charles Whitemant -- NYC Dept of Park Rec. Coor.
Franklin Western -- HDM
Frank Hunt -- MCP
Randy Pray -- Retired
Behan Washington -- Ex-Pres NYC Civil Service Retired Employ. Assoc.
Jerome Fant -- Retired
Lenny Hunt -- Retired
Warden Harrison -- Retired
"Trooer” Smith --
Richard Rogers -- Investigative Specialist
Sonny Corley -- Wildlife Consultant
Capt. “Hard Rob” -- HDM
Reginald Brooks -- Bronx HDM
Betty Pray -- Highbridge Housing Tenants Assoc. Program Director


This Page 1 of the New York Correction History Society's web presentation includes all the text extracted from Page 1 of Errol D. Toulon's Correction Qlympics/C-17 Reunion Party album. The images used on this web page were scanned from some of the photos found on Pages 6 through 40. Links to all 5 Pages of this web presentation are listed below:

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