Image of Page 4 of the March 1982 issue of NYC DOC's Inside Out tabloid-size newsletter.

Page 4 of the March 1982 issue of the NYC Department of Correction Inside Out newsletter [See image of Page 4 at right] included a feature column -- entitled On the Gate -- of personal news notes about individual DOC staffers: appointments, promotions, retirements, graduations, weddings, births, deaths. Their names appeared in bold face type.

The phrase "On the Gate" is a familar one within DOC facilities where staffers call the attention of the officer in charge of the entry gate to the fact they are waiting for him or her to activate the mechanism to admit them.

The staff of Inside Out included Errol D. Toulon, then a C.O. who served as its photographer. In due course, he would rise through the ranks to become Correction Academy Deputy Warden during the 1990s.

In the summer of 2010, Toulon, a Monroe College professor, made available to this website a copy of the March 1982 issue of Inside Out.

From that issue copy, the NYCHS webmaster has created this eight-page web presentation of extracted images and texts. This web page's images and texts were extracted from that newsletter issue's Page 4.

Captain Nicholas Menrath, Commanding Officer of the department’s range at Rodmans Neck and Captain Peter Kozack of the newly-formed Inspectional Services Division went to Saratoga to shoot in the annual Firearms Competition against Law Enforcement officers from New York and Canada.

The competition included men and women from Customs, the FBI, Port Authority and the New York City Police Department. The event attracted 130 entrants.

Kozack and Menrath have been practicing and it paid off. They took first place in the two-man team in the expert division and Captain Kozack won first place in the singles expert division. They came away with a new firearm and beatiful medals.

WEBMASTER NOTE: Above is an image of the heading for the newsletter's column of personal news notes about individual DOC staffers. The shield was supposed to represent the "O" in the column's title On the Gate.

TRANSPORTATION DIVISION ... We welcome our new Warden, Michael Cantwell, and wish his success. Good luck to the new promotees, William Bird, James Collins, Manual Toro, Eugene Ruppert and Edward Weinschreider. We are going to miss our retirees, Ronald Barberger, Kilus White, Robert Bach, Mitch Patino, Vito Orlando, Angelo Ginacola, Carl Sutera, William Curran, Raymond Leslie, Anthony Piraniao, Emmett Walker, John Dormer and Robert Vaughns. Speedy recovery to Lincoln Dadd who is in St. Vincent's Hospital in Staten Island. Cards or notes would be appreciated... Reported by C.O. ANDREW TOLSON...

CIFM ... Congratulations to Dr. Gertrude Box, Director of our Learning Center, on the graduation of her two daughters, Tiara, who earned her Ph.D. in psychology and Mrs. Grandma T. Runyan who earned an A.A. degree from NYS University. Congratulations to Mrs. Arcadia Hall of our Cashier’s Office on the marriage of her son Jose Rosario to Elsie Ramos. Ms. Ramos recently earned her B.S. degree in Sociology from Daemen College. She won two academic awards, Alumni’s Association’s Outstanding Student Award, the Most Brilliant College Student Award and she was her class Valedictorian. Congratulations to CO. John Clidas. He is so proud of his son, Michael, who recently graduated from West Point. Now John can retire ... Reported by C.O. MELVIN LEE...

CENTRAL OFFICE ... Carole Howard, secretary to D/C Koehler, is back at work after the birth of her daughter Yvette Ayisha who is just 10 weeks old. Upon request, Carole proudly produces the most beautiful pictures of her pride and joy. Welcome to Captain Paul Cascio to the Inspectional Services Division. Paul and his wife are the proud parents of a baby boy named Evan born 9/8/81 weighing 7½ pounds. Another proud mother whose dazzling smile appears each time she mentions her son Justin Wate is Debbie McCommons, secretary to Chief McMickens. Justin is 6½ months old. Sympathy to Alice Mack and her family on the loss of her husband. Roma Fives, secretary to Commissioner Ward is all smiles these days. Maybe it’s because of the beautiful engagement ring she received during the Christmas holidays from her fiance William Schnaars. They will walk down the aisle April 23, 1983. The Legal Division wel- comes Antoinette Goode, C.O. Rebecca Marshall’s daughter. Mother and daughter are both working in the Legal Division.. . and doing well. . . Reported by C. 0. MARION SMITH...

QUEENS HDM... We had so many proud fathers passing out cigars. . . C.O. Philip Groia and his wife Janice had a baby girl named Kristen, born July 13, 1981 ... Rasheed Sharif and his wife Najmah have a baby boy named Khalid, born October 20, 1981. Lester Bell and his wife Ann have a new addition to their household named David, born October 10, 1981, Bob Lazarro and his wife Alma named their new baby daughter Lorraine, born November 28, 1981 and Willie Colon and his wife, Adelaide, named their new addition, Ryan, born January 11, 1982 . . . Welcome to the world... Wedding bells chimed for CO. Ted Marcinkiewicz when he married Joan O’Brien in October... Angelo Manzi and Marie Beneduce will walk down the aisle April 18th. .. Good luck to the newlyweds. . . Condolences to C.O. Joe Castora and his family on the loss of his father Vito on January 18, 1982, Sympathy to Captain Margaret Coleman on the loss of her sister Carolyn Mosely on January 27, 1982... Civilian Aide Gloria Martin lost her father, on January 14, 1982. Get well soon, C.O. Joe Seoane, who is recovering at home from a gunshot wound by an unknown assailant in a robbery attempt... We miss you, Joe... Reported by C.O. MARGIE BRACCO

TRAINING ACADEMY ... Congratulations and a big welcome to James T. Garvey, Jr., our new Commanding Officer. Best of luck to Captains Mary Marion, Robert DeRosa, Lloyd Freckleton and Melvin Fiermosca, whose identical twin brother Edward turned a few heads at the promotional ceremony. Edward is a Police Officer at the NYPD’s Academy. Dep Garvey and his staff are working very hard on the training program which is being closely reviewed to improve the quality and training environment with the priority on giving all new officers and promotees the best possible foundation for their job performances ... Reported by Captain NATALE ABRUZZO...

BROOKLYN HDM.. . Our sympathy to C.O. Matthew Burke on the loss of his wife Sammie who died on December 6, 1981 ... All in the Family: C.O. Ronald Grayson and his wife have a new baby named David born 12/23 weighing 7½ pounds. C.O. Miguel Rodriquez and his wife had a baby boy named Keith Michael, born 1/4 weighing 6 lbs 1 oz. this is their sixth child . . . all boys CO. John Kudrycki and his wife have a new daughter named Corrine born 1/27/82 weighing 6 lbs 8 oz. CO. Thomas Brennan shot a 5-point buck last November weighing in at 140 lbs. . . We salute the following officers on their promotion to Captain ... Robert Wagenstein, Arthur Connor, Robert Ridenour, James Frye and Thomas Burke. We will miss our retirees, Captain Nazario DeMayo, C.O.’s Mike Marrone, Vincent Gracci and Lou Carrington. C.O. Don R. Rouse and his wife LeVonne are the proud parents of a son named (what else?) Don R. Rouse Jr., born 10/25/81 weighing in at 10 lbs, 2 ozs. . . We wish success to D/W James Hunter and ADW Harvey Pierce on their new assignments. We welcome aboard DW James Larkin, Captains Thomas McCoy, Jose Aponte, Frank Muzio, Andrew Dumawol, Vincent Orsini, James Frye and Robert Ridenour ... Despite near freezing temperatures, a ski trip was held on January 14 at Lake Placid. According to C.O.'s Virgil Bossom and Lou Carrington, who coordinated the event, it was a smashing success for the 26 people who bravely attended... Reported by C.O. ANDREW TOLSON...

AMKC ... It is indeed a newsworthy achievement that ADW Julian Calvin looper earned his Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice 2/1/82. Much success Dep....

ARDC . . . A big hearty welcome to the new Warden, Pat Perry, who is respected by everyone who knows him. CO. Walter Enzelewski and his wife Serena have a beautiful baby girl born last May 30th. They named her Heather Ann. The proud father is one of the department’s marathon runners . .

BELLEVUE HOSPITAL PRISON WARD . . . Quote of the Month: “If it has to be, it has to be me.” BHPW question of the month: Where did the term “Bing” come from? Send your answers to On The Gate, Public Affairs, Central Office Congratulations to our new Captains, Tom Peterson, George Greene, John Nichols . . . best of luck wherever they are ... Anthony Liotta is a proud new captain of his own yacht, a present from his wife. He named the boat “Jean" ... Welcome new Captains to BHPW. David “Atlas” Delaney, Robert “Snake” McKeon, who was also named Irishman of the Year by the Emerald Society, and Jack “Ziggy” Sanacola. Congratulations to Dante “Angels” Jayne Hayes, Maxine Bryce and Patricia Cadle for completing their probationary year. Best of luck to Captain Michael “Curls” Walsh on his promotion to ADW. P.S. See, there is a God ... Hurry and get well John Olson who underwent major surgery and is recuperating at home. Cards and notes would be welcome addressed to BHPW. He’d love to hear from everyone. Vinnie Esposito completed a course on Community Crime Prevention Specialization at Norfolk State University ... Congratulations to Mario Ragonesi on his recent windfall in Atlantic City... Welcome to Officers Alan and Bruce Cronhein, AKA A&B, and Dave Schoenfeld. 1981 was a good year. For the first time in seven years, we had a test and 16 officers of this command passed the test and are now on the list. Definitely onward and upward for this group ... We all miss C.O. Anthony Eugenio who died on September 13, 1981. Officer Eugenio is fondly remembered for his brilliant sense of humor and his fierce loyalty as a friend. . . Reported by C.O. JOHN ABER ...

At the close of this two-day event, a seminar on firearms and a babecue was held to celebrate the winners and their competitors.

This year, this expert team plans to do equally as well, and when Kozack was asked what his own goal was for their team, he smiled broadly and said, “The Nationals, what else?”

Department of Correction officers and commanding officers swept an unprecedented 129 medals, the highest amount won in Correction history; 31 of which were gold at the Fourth Annual Police Olympics held at Syracuse, New York last year.

Over 100 DOC uniformed employees participated in the sporting event. Participants in track and field events excelled winning a total of 47 medals, including 18 gold medals. Not to be outdone the female officers of the bowling team won 21 medals, seven of which were gold. Other medals were won in softball (18), basketball (11), tennis (8), boxing (6), swimming (5), pistols (4), diving (2), karate (1), and weight-lifting (1).

Here’s a rundown of events:

TRACK AND FIELD: William Sanford of Headquarters and Wayne Murphy of C-95 racked up the largest number of medals for their efforts. Sanford copped four gold in the high jump, 1600 yd relay, 800 yd relay, 400 yd relay and one silver in the 400 yd relay; Murphy garnered two gold in the 440 yd and 1600 yd relay, one silver in the 400 yd relay, and two bronze in the 220 yd and mile walk. Lynda Massey of WHD and Lillie Anderson of Transportation finished neck in neck with each of the ladies win ning gold medals in the shot-put and discus, and silver in the 1600 yd and the 400 yd relays. Transportation Division's Westell Armstead brought home the silver in the 1600 yd and 400 yd relays and the bronze in the discus and shot put in the Women’s Division. The Midas Touch belonged to Henry Hawkins (HDM) in the 400 yds run, Angelo Rivituso (Qns HDM) in the 1600 yd relay; Walter Powell (HDM), John Raia and Victor Ferguson of C-95 for the 400 yd relay. Randy Pray (HDM) walked a mile for the gold in the Mile Walk event.

Mike Western (C-95), fleet of foot, dashed 200 yds to win a silver medal then did it again winning a silver in the 400 yd relay. Silver medals went to Timothy Baysmore (HDM) for the 400 yd as well to Mary Marion (ACAD) for the same event in the Wmen’s Division. Officer Marion pulled a silver for the 1600 yd relay. Paul Goings (C-76) helped himself to a silver medal for the 1600 yd relay. Angelino Rivituso and Walter Powell each won a silver for the 1500 meters and obstacle course, respectively. Again, M. Western bronzed a medal for the 400 yds along with Capt. Eric McFarlane (Qns HDM). Paul Goings made a strong showing in the high jump and long jump winning a bronze medal in each event. Goings and Randy Pray both won a bronze medal in the obstacle course competition. In cycling, the department wizzed to two gold, two silvers, and one bronze medal with the help of Garlien Jenkins (C-95) and Walter Brunson (WHD).

BOWLING: This year Capt. Iva Hurston (WHD) led the bowling team winning three gold medals followed by Elaine Monroe (Central Office) with two gold and one silver, Mary Gargannu (ELM PHW) winning two silver and one bronze. In bowling doubles Raynelle Robinson and Pat Martin both of WHD cuffed a gold medal and bronze medal apiece. Carolyn Conwell (WHD) won one silver, one bronze. Lovely Lewis, Mary Rice, Westell Armstead all of Transportation won a bronze, silver, silver respectively in the singles competition. Rose Jefferson and Mary Nance (WHD) won silver medals in the event. And the Academy’s Capt. Dorothy Williams bowled a bronze.

BOXING: Kenneth Dubose (C-74) and Charles Lawrence (Bx HDM) displayed their pugilistic skill and TKO-ed their way to a gold medal apiece. Henry Hawkins, Manny Mojica (C-95), Saul LeBron (HDM). and Bernard Johnson (Bx HDM) punched bronze medals for their efforts.

TENNIS: Barry Cannon and Opeton Marshall both of (C-95) garnered a gold and silver medal respectively, in the singles tennis competition and raked silver medals each in the doubles competition.

In TABLE TENNIS -- doubles, Francisco Hall (RIH) and Alvin Woodall (Bx Ct) both won silver medals; in the singles competition they won gold and bronze respectively.

PISTOLS: Linda Murphy (WHD) and Cathy Rameriz (WHD) finished with a gold and bronze medal apiece. In the team effort both won a silver medal.

SOFTBALL: Willie Sutton (HDM) player/coach of the softball team lead his players to a record breaking 18 bronze medals. Meanwhile the BASKETBALL TEAM under the tutelage of Bobbie Jones (HDM) scored 11 bronze medals for their efforts.

DIVING: Security’s own Capt. Zickuhr displayed his aquatic talents in diving and coming up with a silver and bronze medal.

SWIMMING: Randy Rokisky was a one man Mark Spitz winning four bronze medals.

WEIGHT-LIFTING: Robert Barton (Bklyn HDM) won a bronze medal.

KARATE: Henry Hawkins won a gold. The 1982 Regional Olympics site will be West Point in mid-June and in order to qualify, you must place first, second, or third in your particular category. The International Competition will be held in Austin, Texas, in August. Those interested can contact Eric Farlane, QHD, C.O. Win. Sutton, HDM, Wm. Sanford, Academy, Capt. R. Jones, QHD, Johnny Hugee, HDM and CO. Odell Adams, HDM.

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