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The Municipal Engineers Journal's note entitled 'ABOUT THE AUTHOR:'

Mr. Ted Raderman is 39 years old and was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York.

He attended New York Public Schools and graduated from the New York City Community College. He also attended Brooklyn and City College.

Mr. Raderman is married and lives in Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, and has four children.

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Prior to his employment with the City of New York, Mr. Raderman supervised construction of a large private family development involving over 500 homes.

He was also associated with the late Jessie Goldberger, P.E., in connection with pile driving operations.

His present assignment in the Bureau of Construction of the Department of Public Works, Municipal Service Administration, City of New York is that of Division Engineer, in charge of all construction on Rikers Island.

The Rikers Island Construction program includes many multi-million dollars correction facilities. He has been so engaged in these construction efforts for the past twelve years. He is assisted by a staff of' seven engineers and technicians.



[Printed journal page number:] 132

The big city today is faced with numerous problems, all of which, due to its scale are magnified to such proportions that sometimes we have troubles grasping their significance. New York City with a population of 8 million inhabitants, is bursting at the seams trying to house a penal population of thirteen thousand inmates of which it should be noted seven thousand are to be found on Rikers Island which is comparable in population with the Town of Riverhead.

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The island when viewed aerially (figure 1) presents a formidable appearance with its abundance of penal facilities. It is presently being expanded along the guide lines to be found in John J. Kassner's Comprehensive survey, site planning and master plan as adopted in 1965, which provided for an orderly and logical building program to accommodate the Department of Correction's present and anticipated future needs.

A definite effort has been made in the design of the recently opened Women's Institution and in the Adolescent Remand Shelter which is currently under construction, to create facilities in keeping with today's progressive penal thinking in an attempt to cut down on the number of repeat offenders.

Regardless of how efficient or up to date the programs are for handling inmates, trying to implement them in outmoded facilities can be disastrous, as is evidenced in the recent upsurge of prison outbursts.

Rikers Island is nestled off in the East River adjacent to LaGuardia Airport, virtually unnoticed till the recent Spring of 1971 opening

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