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Ted K. Raderman provides update on his career since writing 1972 article:©

NYCHS asked Ted K. Raderman to provide an update on his career since he wrote the Municipal Engineers Journal article published in 1972 when he was
1972 Municipal Engineers Journal cover.

Above is an image of the front cover of The Municipal Engineers Journal issue (1972, Third Quarterly Issue), as given to NYCHS by former NYC DOC photographer Mark Mellett, with the Rikers article already circled. NYCHS appreciates this and other archival material Mark Mellett has generously donated.

Also appreciated is the NYC Department of Design and Construction public information office putting NYCHS in contact with Paul Roppa, P.E., currently and for the last 10 years the Municipal Engineers Journal Editor-In Chief.

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  • 39 years old,
  • held the position of Public Works Dept. Rikers Island Division Engineer and
  • had been involved with Rikers capital projects for a decade.

With tongue in cheek, Ted commented that he had been "paroled from Rikers Island after serving a 20-year sentence" and "was requested to join the NYC Dept. of Parks to turn around its maintenance operation."

Ted recalls that, "It was extremely difficult to change employees' habits." He credits much of the success in accomplishing the task to his "acquiring enormous backing from then Parks Commissioner Gordon J. Davis with the promise of material funding as well as transportation for the staff."

2 figures in Raderman's
post-Rikers career.

Above: Image of former Parks Commissioner Gordon J. Davis, Central Park Conservancy co-founder, former Lincoln Center president, a partner at LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae (site has bio) and founding chair of Jazz at Lincoln Center (image source).

Below: Image of Peter French, former Sr. VP and CBO at SUNY Downstate and former Parks First Deputy Commissioner and COO, now Exec. VP and COO at Brandeis University Services (image & bio source).

Based on Randalls Island, Ted served with the Parks Dept. for five years and then returned to the private sector, working with general contractors on various projects, including highways and mass transit.

In 1985, Ted embarked on a new venture with the architectural and engineering firm of Wank Adams Slavin Associates, setting up a construction management division. One of its major projects was completion of the Parks Department's central auto repair facility on Randalls Island.

In 1988, Ted was asked by Peter French, former Parks Deputy Commissioner and then SUNY Downstate Medical Center Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, to serve as construction manager at the Brooklyn facility to coordinate its many building projects planned or already underway.

Again with wry self-dispreciating humor, Ted recalls telling SUNY back then he "was now getting on in years and took this position on a part time basis, with an understanding by all" that he would leave the position in 2 to 3 years.

Ted has now been at Downstate for 16 years and is working full time. Well, so much for his "getting on in years."

Apparently Ted just gets younger the longer he works. . . .

NYCHS webmaster
May, 2004

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NOTE ON FACILITY NAMES: In viewing the presentation, be aware that facility referred to as the Correctional Institution for Women is the building now known as the George Motchan Detention Center and the facility referred to as the Adolescent Remand Shelter is the building now known as the Adolescent Reception and Detention Center.

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