NYCHS 2004 officers, trustees

  • President
    Alan J. Croce

  • Vice President
    Brian Fischer

  • 2nd Vice President
    Leasa McLeish

  • General Secretary
    Thomas McCarthy

  • Curator
    Nadine Felton

  • Counsel
    Ernesto Marrero

  • Members At-Large
    Brant Kehn
    Ronald G. Spike
  • Board of Trustees Chairperson
    Robert N. Davoren

  • Trustees

Thomas Antenen

John Antonelli

Judith Berdy

Austin Clarke

Glenn S. Goord

Roger Jefferies

Kevin P. Johnson

Peter Meringolo

John Rakis

Anthony R. Smith

Sandra Lewis Smith

Hugh O'Rourke

Roger Parris

Norman Seabrook

Alan Vengersky

NOTE: For individual background data, visit Report on Annual Meeting for 2004 Slate.

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