NYCHS Annual Meeting Elects 2004 Slate

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NYC DOC & Probation Commissioner Martin F. Horn, left, welcomes NYCHS annual meeting participants to DOC headquarters. The meeting took place in the agency's central office conference room at 60 Hudson St., Manhattan.




5 pm Monday, Dec. 29, 2003



Resolved that the practice followed in previous society meetings --- that is, using the original Constitution and Bylaws as a general guide setting goals rather than as a rigidly controlling document – be followed at this meeting. 




Resolution to change title of the office of Treasurer to Second Vice President.


a.    NYCHS carries on its work through the generous voluntary efforts of individuals and through the good offices of agencies and organizations participating in those activities; and

b.    NYCHS has imposed no dues, raises no funds, neither solicits nor accepts financial contributions, seeks no grants nor subsidies, and maintains no treasury; and

c.     NYCHS originally provided for an office of Treasurer in anticipation that the organization would engage in financial activity and subsequently has not done so;


Now therefore be it

Resolved that

a.     NYCHS change the title of the office of Treasurer to Second Vice President, and that the

b.     Second Vice President shall perform the duties of the Vice President if the latter is unable to do so, and that the

c.     Second Vice President be, as was the Treasurer, a member of the Executive Committee of the board.


At the head of the conference table, NYCHS president Alan J. Croce, State Commission of Correction chairman, presides at the NYCHS annual meeting. He and other participants turn their attention toward retired NYC DOC Bureau Chief James Psomas, now a NYS Insurance Dept. investigations director, second right, as he addresses the group.



          Resolution to establish an Advisory Council on which former NYCHS trustees and officers would be invited by the board executive committee to serve and thereby continue their visible connection with the society.


a.     After serving a number of years on the board, former NYCHS trustees and officers have retired or moved onto other fields of endeavor, and yet several would welcome retaining a visible connection with the society; and

b.     NYCHS could benefit from their retaining a visible connection with it and from their remaining available for advice and consultation as issues for their in-put arise;

          Now therefore be it

          Resolved that

NYCHS establish an Advisory Council of former trustees and officers invited by the board’s executive committee to continue visible connection and service to the society in an advisory capacity as issues for their in-put arise.





4 & 5

Nomination, Election and Re-election Resolutions.


Resolved that the following submitted slate of nominees for election (#) and re-election (*) as officers and trustees be accepted for the purposes of proceeding with the annual meeting election:


Board of Trustees Chairperson ††
Robert N. Davoren *


Thomas Antenen *

John Antonelli #

Judith Berdy #

Austin Clarke #

Glenn S. Goord *

Roger Jefferies #

Kevin P. Johnson #

Peter Meringolo *

John Rakis #

Anthony R. Smith #

Sandra Lewis Smith *

Hugh O'Rourke *

Roger Parris #

Norman Seabrook *

Alan Vengersky *

* = incumbent       # = new nominee  

† = Treasurer title changed to 2nd Vice President

†† = While Chief of Dept. Davoren was an incumbent trustee, his nomination for board chairperson was new.

14 = incumbent officers and trustees re-nominated, elected..

10 = proposed new officers and trustees nominated, elected.



Resolved that the nominations be closed and the secretary be directed to cast the single vote necessary for the election of the slate of nominees and re-nominees.


NYCHS Vice President Brian Fischer, right, Sing Sing Superintendent and DOCS Supervisiting Superintendent for the NYC Metro Region, leans back and listens as his former DOCS colleague now NYC DOC & Probation Commissioner, Martin Horn, addresses the gathering. Horn recalled the days when Fischer and he worked together in the state correctional agency. Listening at the other end of the table, in uniform, is NYC DOC Chief of Dept. Robert N. Davoren, elected NYCHS board chairperson. On the table in the foreground is a wooden Station of the Cross carved and painted by an inmate perhaps a half century ago if not longer. It was one of the historical artifacts displayed at the NYCHS meeting.

Background note on the nominees and re-nominees that was attached to printed agenda. (Agency and organization names listed soley for purpose of providing individuals' background data.)

Alan J. Croce

chairman, State Commission of Correction.

Robert N. Davoren

NYC DOC Chief of Dept.

Brian Fischer

Sing Sing superintendent, Supervising Superintendent NYC Metro region

Leasa McLeish

NYC DOC Assistant Commissioner

Nadine Felton

NYC DOC Correction Academy Warden

Ernesto Marrero

former NYC DOC general counsel, formerly with Correctional Health Services; now with legal affairs NYC Health Dept., John Jay College, a "talking head" on Court TV.

Brant Kehn

retired longtime Deputy Superintendent of Sing Sing, Fulton CF Superintendent, writer of Sing Sing history, History Channel "talking head."

Ronald G. Spike

Yates County Sheriff and former president of the NYS Sheriffs' Association.

Thomas Antenen


John Antonelli

NYC DOC First Deputy Commissioner.

Judith Berdy

President of Roosevelt (Blackwell's/Welfare) Island Historical Society, participated in NYCHS 7/13/99 organizational meeting at Tombs, assisted in NYCHS Hart Island tours and other activities.

Austin Clarke

retired 30 year veteran of DOCS, writer of DOCS|Today facilities profile histories, DOCS Commissioner's rep at 7/13/99 NYCHS organizational meeting, participant in NYCHS application to Regents for charter, grandson of former NYC DOC Commissioner and longtime Osborne Association leader Austin H. MacCormick

Glenn S. Goord

NYS DOCS Commissioner.



Roger Jefferies



NYS Deputy Director of Criminal Justice, NYS DCJS Deputy Commissioner, Office of Strategic Planning. Former NYC DOC Deputy Commissioner, Strategic Planning & Programs.

Kevin P. Johnson

Veteran NYC DOC C.O., central office delegate to COBA, master of ceremonies at NYC DOC events.

Peter Meringolo


President, Correction Captains Association, NYC.

Thomas McCarthy

Director of Historical Services, NYC DOC; former Queens DA's Director of Communications, former State Senate legislative aide; former daily and weekly newspaper editor, former president of Public Relations Officers Society.

John Rakis

Former South Forty president and former Osborne Association deputy director, now private consultant; participated in NYCHS 7/13/99 organizational meeting at Tombs, assisted NYCHS web projects.

Anthony R. Smith

Horticultural Society of New York president; participated in NYCHS 7/13/99 organizational meeting at Tombs, assisted NYCHS web projects.

Sandra Lewis Smith

former NYC DOC Special Events director, Assistant Commissioner and DCPI, now retired from DOC.

Hugh O'Rourke

Criminal justice studies professor with Nassau Community College, formerly with NYPD; participated in NYCHS 7/13/99 organizational meeting at Tombs, assisted NYCHS web projects.

Roger Parris

NYC DOC Deputy Commissioner, Strategic Planning, Programs and Health Services.

Norman Seabrook

President, COBA, NYC.

Alan Vengersky

NYC DOC Assistant Commissioner for Personnel


NYCHS charter member John Mohan, DOC media services director, provided major assistance with annual meeting arrangements.

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