Mystery Photos in Tombs Head Keeper Terence J. Mills Album
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Like Terence and Mary's silhouettes in the Mills album, its DOC-related photos are -- unlike the framed 1930 class photo -- tantalizing outlines bereft of informative detail.

From his silhouette's double-chin and more rounded figure, we can surmise the cuttings were not done when he and she were newly-weds. They may have posed for the cutouts during a Coney Island or Rockaway boardwalk outing.

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Chances are good these equestrian images reflect Mills' supervisory stint at the NYC Reformatory in New Hampton, Orange County.
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Above: In "civies," Mills with uniformed buddies but where -- New Hampton, Blackwell, Hart or Rikers? Right: A serious Mills with his head keeper collar bars but when?
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Above right: Again in "civies" (but a cap, not hat), Mills with uniformed buddies in front of a store room but where in DOC? Above left: In front of same store room, but is he in the picture? Is he taking it? Family unsure. Any and all clues on any or all images welcomed.

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