Dear Correction colleague:

You are cordially invited to make Correction history. Really.

You can make Correction history by

  1. reading this message;
  2. downloading the enrollment form accessible through this page;
  3. filling it out and returning it become a charter member in the New York Correction History Society.

To Pursue, Preserve, Promote
The history of the men and women who have rendered correctional services throughout the City and State of New York, thereby contributing significantly to the commonweal down the centuries, warrants being pursued, preserved and promoted.

Form to Enroll

The NYCHS enrollment form can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (needed to view and/or print PDFs), click here to access the NYCHS enrollment form PDF file (44K).

  • If you want a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the icon below to access the Acrobat web site:

The New York Correction History Society is being organized by uniformed and civilian professionals in the field of penology to do just that. It will work closely with the various agencies and their recognized affiliated labor, religious, ethnic, racial, and other organizations to:

  • gather and to disseminate that history widely,
  • serve as a repository and resource for those studying and researching it,
  • facilitate exchange of information among them, and
  • create opportunities for their shared activity.
Interests, Events; Not Meetings
The society will not follow a rigid regime of fixed monthly membership meetings. Rather, members who register the same interest on the enrollment form would be put in touch with each other. They would communicate and meet together as they determine among themselves to pursue that shared interest, carrying out specific projects with potential for evolving into special events open to the general membership.

This decentralized or umbrella-style organizational approach will enable the society to avoid the kind of expenses run up by associations that follow a monthly meeting routine. Thus, any need for dues can be kept to a minimum.

No Dues Requirement
Presently, NYCHS has no membership dues requirement. Enrolling now does not obligate you to continue if a dues proposal is adopted by the membership in the future. Any such dues proposal would require submission to the membership for approval and you would have an opportunity to help decide the question.


Many Agencies, Common Mission
NYCHS celebrates the rich diversity of correctional services throughout the City and State of New York. It recognizes the individual agencies' historical uniqueness while also reflecting their interaction, shared profession and common mission.

Eligible for Membership
The society is being organized as a voluntary not-for-profit association of:

  • current and former uniformed and civilian employees of correctional agencies throughout the City and State of New York;
  • professors, instructors and scholars teaching, researching and writing in the correctional field; and
  • others whose professional duties, occupations, community activity or volunteer service regularly involves working with one or more correctional agencies in New York.

Subject Areas for Action
Particular areas of correction history interest around which members could organize themselves for projects and events include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Rescuing, restoring correctional structures, vehicles.
  • Salvaging, archiving memorabilia, records; recognizing donors.
  • Selecting sites of  former correctional facilities for placement of historical markers.
  • Conducting oral history interviews with correction veterans, retirees.
  • Arranging traveling displays of correction history items to exhibit at fairs, etc.
  • Learning, researching aspects of NY correction history (ethnicity, gender, labor etc.)
  • Publishing a NY correction history journal, both hard copy and on the Web.
  • Starting a virtual Correction Museum on the Web and helping with "real museum" projects.

For General Supporters
Of course, members could suggest additional shared interest subjects or activities. There also is room for those who simply want to support the society's goals, to attend special events, and to help where and when they could.

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