Elected 1999 / 2000 NYCHS officers

  • President
    Michael P. Jacobson

  • Vice President
    Gerard O'Gara

  • General Secretary
    Thomas McCarthy

  • Treasurer
    Leasa McLeish

  • Curator
    Deborah Kurtz

  • Counsel
    Joseph Guarino

  • Members At-Large
    Brian Fischer, Brant Kehn
Board of Trustees Chairperson
Bernard B. Kerik


Thomas Antenen

Louis Cash

Alan J. Croce

William Fraser

Glenn S. Goord

Gary Lanigan

Katherine N. Lapp

Barbara Margolis

Peter Meringolo

Frederick Patrick

Alfred Reno

Raul Russi

David A. Schulte

Norman Seabrook

Alan Vengersky

Thomas Ward

Adopted Enabling Resolutions:

The following proposed resolutions were formally adopted at the July 13th, 1999, organizational meeting in the Manhattan Detention Complex (Tombs) to enable the New York Correction History Society to emerge as an official entity:
  1. That the “Now therefore, it is resolved” portion of the Preamble of the Proposed Constitution and Bylaws” be adopted.
  2. That the above-named nominees be elected as NYCHS officers.
  3. That the Executive Committee be authorized to move on the following society projects:
    • Setting up Shared Interest Groups for members.
    • Establishing a web site, newsletter and journal.
    • Arranging tours for members to sites of interest.
    • Soliciting and collecting historical materials.
    • Placing historical markers.
    • Assisting formation of Agency Coordinating Councils.

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