From Toulon's Treasure Trove of Correction Photos

White Sheet #12 from Errol D. Toulon's photos collection.

White Sheet #11 from Errol D. Toulon's photos collection.

Images below were derived from photos in former DOC photographer Errol D. Toulon's treasure trove of DOC-related pictures.

In the summer of 2010 Toulon, now a Monroe College professor but formerly NYC Correction Academy executive officer, made available to this website some of his Correction memorabilia.

Included were 14 loose sheets of letter-size white paper to which were attached photographs, both color and black-and-whites, whose dimensions ranged from about 1.5 x 2 inches to 4 x 6 inches. Some had pasted-on caption strips; many did not. Those below were pasted on Page 11 (left) and Page 12 (right) of the loose paper sheets.

Viewers are invited to email with more data about any of the photos -- names, occasions, locations, dates. To facilitate providing information about particular images, ID tags appear beneath them; for example Sheet #1 Photo A.

The word "Clickable" in the information below a photo indicates that double-clicking the screen pointer on that image will access a larger version of it. Use your browser's "back" button to return.

Sheet #11 Photo A: Uncaptioned.

Sheet #11 Photo B:
Captioned: Manny Toro.

Sheet #11 Photo C:
Captioned: Charles Jacob.

Sheet #11 Photo D: Uncaptioned. Webmaster note: Fr. Respole.

Sheet #11 Photo E: Uncaptioned. Webmaster note: Looks like Charles Jacob on right.

Sheet #11 Photo F:
Captioned: Frank Bruni.

Sheet #11 Photo G: Toulon caption: Officer William Prichard.

Sheet #11 Photo H:
Captioned: Richard Guadagno.

Sheet #11 Photo I:

Carol Dewey: Sheet # 11 photo A Man in the middle looks like Richard Monroe (CARE).

Erika Vernon: I am a C.O. in E.S.U. The bald man in Sheet #11 Photo A is named Joseph Grant. How do I know? He was my landlord from the age of 3 to 12. Its a small world. Good luck with the others.

Toi (Chin) Barreto: Sheet 11 photo A Richard Monroe, in pinstriped suit.

Retired CO Tom Betts: Sheet 11 photo A Last person on right, next to Toulon, looks like retired CO Craig "Bump" Williams. retired approx 2000 out of CMU.

Sheet #12 Photo A:
Clickable. Toulon caption:
James Hunter.

Sheet #12 Photo B: Clickable. Captioned: Supervising Warden James Garvey

Sheet #12 Photo C:
Clickable. Captioned:
John Gnat.

Sheet #12 Photo D:

Sheet #12 Photo E:
Clickable. Captioned:
Michael Pepe.

Sheet #12 Photo F:

Sheet #12 Photo G: Clickable. Captioned: David Kalos.

Sheet #12 Photo H:
William Cogdell.

Sheet #12 Photo I: Clickable. Captioned: Jannie Pollard


Stacey Jenkins-King: Sheet #12 Photo D is Andrew Phoenix.

Pamela J. Mitchell (Classification Unit): Sheet 12, Photo "F" is Marron Hopkins.

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This page features images derived from scans of photos on Sheet #11 and Sheet #12 of 14 loose sheets of letter-size white paper made available to this website in the early summer of 2010 by Monroe College Prof. Errol D. Toulon, formerly NY Correction Academy executive officer. Links to all pages in this web presentation are listed below:

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