Off-Rikers Jails in the Boroughs

The Department has major detention centers for male inmates off Rikers Island:
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DOC maintains secure facilities in two City hospitals:
* NOTE: Due to various causes, including inmate population declines and budgetary constraints, the Bronx House of Detention for Men, the Brooklyn Correctional Facility, and a terminal care unit in Goldwater Memorial Hospital on Roosevelt Island have been completely discontinued and are no longer part of DOC.

Brooklyn Detention Complex

275 Atlantic Ave.,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Brooklyn Detention Complex, built on Atlantic Avenue in 1957 as a single-cell jail to house 815 adult males, many of whom await trial in Brooklyn and Staten Island courts.

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Manhattan Detention Complex

125 White Street,
New York, N.Y.

The Manhattan Detention Complex, in lower Manhattan, consists of two buildings designated the North and South Towers, connected by a bridge. The North Tower was opened in 1990. The South Tower, formerly the Manhattan House of Detention, or the Tombs, was opened in 1983 after a complete remodeling. The complex has had a 881-bed capacity for male detainees.

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Queens Detention Complex

126-02 82nd Avenue,
Kew Gardens, N.Y.

Queens Detention Complex -- built in 1961 to house 502 inmates, many awaiting trial in Queens. It is one of the Department's reserve facilities closed or opened as needed by the jail system in response to inmate population fluctuations.

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Vernon C. Bain Center

1 Halleck Street,
the Bronx, N.Y.

The Vernon C. Bain Center is an 800-bed barge built in New Orleans, La. at a cost of $161 million. The facility can house medium to maximum security inmates in 16 dormitories and 100 cells. Opened in the Fall of 1992, it is named for a well-liked warden who died in a car accident. In the past, VCBC had used by the city Department of Juvenile Justice temporarily to house some of the young persons in that agency's custody while construction went forward on new DJJ facilities.

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Prior to the City Charter of 1938 taking effect, police had custoday of the various hospital prison wards. But Section 623.1 gave their control to the Department of Correction; thus on Jan. 1 of that year, DOC took over the prison wards then in Bellevue, Kings County and Fordham Hospitals.

Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward

1st Avenue and 27th Street,
New York, N.Y.

Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward in Manhattan houses male inmates requiring psychiatric or medical treatment.

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Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward

79-01 Broadway,
Elmhurst, N.Y.

Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward in Queens houses female inmates requiring acute psychiatric care.

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