Text and photos by June 15, 2000, tour participant Michael Harling, author of Origin of the NYS Bureau of Identification. Each Virtual Tour page, designed by him, includes three images and captions to cover them. A typical Virtual Tour page -- text and images combined -- runs about 60K. Mike also maintains a personal web site with pages about interesting places he visits. They are at http://www.lindenwald.com/album/
NYCHS Hart Island
Virtual Tour
(By Michael Harling)

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To Virtual Tour page 1-- Arrival

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To Virtual Tour page 2 -- Ghost Town I

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To Virtual Tour page 3 -- Ghost Town II

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To Virtual Tour page 4 -- Ghost Town III

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To Virtual Tour page 5 -- Missile Base

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To Virtual Tour page 6 -- Potter's Field I

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To Virtual Tour page 7 -- Potter's Field II

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