The completed float. Date completed: July 3, 2000.

[float brochure]
Each visitor received a brochure about the ENYCF Centennial Float at the "open house."

ENYCF Centennial Float 2000

To commemorate the centennial of Eastern New York Correctional Facility in the local community, Superintendent David L. Miller requested volunteers to build a parade float for the annual 4th of July parade held in Ellenville, New York. As a result, 16 inmates, in addition to maintenance and recreation staff, offered their time and services to complete the project. Built behind prison walls, the float's design and construction is a team effort, and an example of administration, staff and inmates working together to build better lives through community involvement.

Special recognition and thanks to:

  • Cheryl James, Recreation/Float Advisor.
  • Carol Milewski, Family Services.
  • Clifford Booth, Maintenance Carpentry.
  • John P., Inmate Coordinator.

Inmate volunteers working hard to complete the float for the July 4th parade in Ellenville.

From carpentry to sculpture, graffiti to fine art, the float is more than just a rolling parade entry, it is an objet d' art. Inmate carpenters, artists and creative design specialists combined their talents and their time -- approximately 500 man-hours -- to create something to be proud of, an exhibit that is a testament to their diverse talents.

This moving piece of art is clearly a combination of ingenuity, creativity and hard work.

C.O. Wilenken makes his way to the Ellenville parade.

Wherever the centennial float is on display we hope that it conveys a positive message. While it may seem unusual for inmates to be commemorating the institution where they are incarcerated, the inmate volunteers want the float to be a tribute to all the inmates at Eastern, an example of prisoners leading productive and meaningful lives.

In addition to this year's float, the inmates at Eastern have also participated in other public service projects and charitable activities. They include but are not limited to:

  • The Tomorrows Children's Fund
  • Hale House
  • The Lt. Ryan Scholarship
  • The Rabbi Eisner Scholarship
  • Guiding Angels Toy Fund, and
  • The Ellenville Hospital Project
All sorts of people, all sorts of projects, the inmates at Eastern touch your community in all sorts of ways.

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