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In December 1, 1999, New York State adopted a new Anti-Stalking Law. It created four levels of crime, two misdemeanors and two felonies. New York Penal Law sections 120.45-.60.

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  Explaining the new Stalking Law

NYPTI Stalking Newsletter

  NYSCADV Summary of Stalking Law

Stalking Statute

The Law on Coercion in New York State


Victims can help the police and prosecutor build a strong case:

  • If you think you are being stalked, write down what happened.  Include the stalking activity, dates, times, locations, exact words, names of witnesses, and how you felt.  

  • Save all evidence, no matter how minor it seems, or how angry it made you, and turn it over to the police.  Letters, notes, gifts, photos, and answering machine tapes are all powerful evidence in court.

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