Full 1972 Clinton CF report photo viewing courts from yard entrance near football field.

 'the courts' of clinton prison
 (part 8: notes, title page, acknowledgments)

Webmaster Note:Ron Roizen placed his "Notes" list on Pages 54 and 55 of his study. His 55-page study of inmate patio/courts in Clinton Correctional Facility's recreation yard and his 11-page Clinton Prison history were parts of a 350+-page report whose several other sections analyzing the correctional institution were written by others. Even though this NYCHS presentation does not include text from those other sections, we present here the report's acknowledgment page mentioning Roizen and the others involved in the project. That page came at the beginning of the printed report after the title page, selected text from which is also presented here.


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CLINTON state correctional facility
dannemora, new york

evaluation and recommendations
prepared for the new york state department
of correctional services

kaplan and mc laughlin - architects - planners
178 east 73rd new york, new york
morris ketchum jr. and associates. architects
919 3rd ave. new york new york


This study would not have been possible without the full cooperation received from the staff of Clinton Correctional Facility. Special thanks are due to J. E. LaValle, Superintendent; Perry DeLong, Deputy Superintendent; Gordon Deyo, Steward; Jean Beaubriand, Senior Corrections Counselor; Robert Walker, Educational Supervisor; William Lawless, Superintendent of Industries; and Maynard Amell, Maintenance Supervisor. The Correctional Officers who accompanied staff members while inspecting the facility were always helpful and cooperative. Mr. Roizen wishes to especially thank Officer Michael Phillips, who was uncommonly tactful in assisting Mr. Roizen during his five days of inmate interviewing.

John P. Friedman of the American Foundation Institute of Corrections gave invaluable assistance by making available the results of their survey of recently constructed American penal institutions and drafts of the forthcoming report of the Task Force on Corrections of the National Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goal, as well as suggestions on suitable programs for Clinton.

A number of staff architects of the Federal Bureau of Prisons gave freely of their time and knowledge to help develop the section on Standards. Special thanks are due to Jim Webster, Mr. Higgins, John Irwin, and Robert Messmer.

staff members

Morris Ketchum, Jr., and Associates:

Morris Ketchum, Jr., Herbert Riemer, Ian Brown, Zattu Panu

Kaplan & McLaughlin:

Herbert McLaughlin, Roy Latka, John Kibre, William Berg, Kenn Rupart,
Lee Brechner Ann Winston, Elizabeth White, Virginia Kibre

Ronald Roizen, Sociologist, wrote The "Courts" and A Brief History of Clinton Prison.

Joshua Freiwald, Photographer.

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