The Founding Family

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Among Isaac Hopper's 11 children were daughters Rachael and Abigail Hopper.

Rachael Hopper Brown (above) had a daughter Sarah Hopper Brown.

Abigail Hopper Gibbons (above) had six children including daughters Sara and Lucy Gibbons

Rachael Hopper Brown's daughter Sarah Brown Powell had a son Wilson whose wife Elsie Knapp Powell (above) served on the WPA board.

Rachael Hopper Brown's daughter Sarah Brown Powell had two daughters (above) Rachel Hopper Powell,left, and Mrs. Elsie Powell Ingraham.

Abigail Hopper Gibbons' daughter, Sarah Hooper Gibbons Emerson (above) had nieces-in-law Helena and Julia Emerson, daughters of her husband's brother.

Wilson and Elsie Powell's daughter, Sara Hopper Powell Huntington (above, second left), is pictured with her daughter Sarah Huntington Fletcher (left), and granddaughters Sarah Powell Fletcher and Clare Huntington (right).

Helena and Julia Emerson, daughters of Sarah Hopper Gibbons Emerson's brother-in-law.
All the members of the Founding Family shown on this page have served on the WPA board. Some still do.

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