The Isaac T. Hopper Award

The Isaac T. Hopper Award was first given in 1967 for extraordinary service in the field of correctional rehabilitation. The award itself is a replica of a medal which was struck in 1850 to commemorate Isaac Hopper's contributions to the abolishment of slavery. The words "To seek and to save that which was lost" acknowledge his devotion to the cause of freedom and equality for all Americans.

  • Mrs. Mary Stevens Baird
  • Dr. Ethel Emerson Wortis
  • Mrs. Sarah Powell Huntington
  • Mrs. Rose M. Singer
  • Mrs. Cecily Elmes Kayes
  • Mr. Haliburton Fales, 11
  • Mr. Oscar S. Straus
  • Ms. Catherine Abate
  • Mrs. Janet McCloskey Strauss
  • The Family of Isaac T. Hopper

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