1936/1944 Jail Rules Booklet
Forerunner to Current Statewide Minimum Standards
The NY Correction History Society presents text from the SCOC's oldest Regulations for Management of County Jails booklet.

Page 12 of 28 pages.

sion of them. Prisoners sometimes use stout wire to manipulate the cell door locking system and escapes have resulted.

The exterior of the jail should be well lighted at night to permit observation of persons approaching the building.

County Jail Regulations Page 12.
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Windows should be glazed with translucent glass to prevent prisoners from observing what is going on outside the jail. Paint should not be used on window glass.

In order to fix responsibility for any escapes which may occur, a count of prisoners should be made each time tours of duty change and the incoming officer required to receipt for the number of prisoners found in custody.

All windows at or near the street level or opening close to adjacent buildings to which the public has access should be covered with stout screen of 1/2" mesh to prvent passing contraband articles.


Each prisoner upon adminission should be carefully searched for weapons, tools and drugs. He should be required to bathe at once and his clothing fumigated if necessary. Failure to care-


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