1936/1944 Jail Rules Booklet
Forerunner to Current Statewide Minimum Standards
The NY Correction History Society presents text from the SCOC's oldest Regulations for Management of County Jails booklet.

Page 13 of 28 pages.

fully search incoming prisoners has resulted in jail officials being shot or otherwise attacked. All money, watches and valuables should be taken from prisoners and placed in the office safe until the owners are discharged; the prisoner should be given a receipt for them and he should sign one when they are returned to him. Penc ils should be taken away to prevent marking of the cell walls.

County Jail Regulations Page 13.
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A thorough search should be made of all packages to prevent forbidden articles being smuggled into the jail. The number of articles permitted to be taken into the jail should be kept to a minimum. Saws have been secreted in bananas, in the soles of shows, under the peaks of caps, and drugs may be secreted in cap visors, under postage stamps on letters, in cigars and various other ways. Constant vigilance is necessary if your jail is to be kept safe.

All incoming and outgoing mail should be carefully censored. Prisoners should be required to sign an order permitting the sheriff to open incoming mail. Upon refusal to give this permis-


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