on the
first C.O.
to become

New York City
Correction Commissioner
Jan. 18, 1984 -- Sept. 22, 1986

Chief of Operations McMickens
Introduced Body Alarms at HDM
DOC’s first Body Alarms were introduced in 1980 on Jacqueline McMickens’ watch as top ranked officer in the Department.
CHIEF OF OPERATIONS Jacqueline McMickens examines new portable alarm supplied by Joseph Sobsey of the Motorola Co. Eventually the radio alarms, which transmit to an institutional console, will be in place throughout the Department.
Above: Image of May 1980 newsletter story.
Below: The text of that story.

Text from May 1980 Inside Out issue:
First Portable Alarms
Reach HDM Complex

Officers at the HDM Complex will be equipped by the end of the month with the department's first shipment of portable alarm transmitters, small FM radio devices that will alert a centralized security monitoring post if any officer is in trouble.

The devices, which are manufactured by the Motorola Corporation, measure 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches and are less than an inch thick. They weigh a mere seven ounces.

The transmitters are identified with a post within the institution rather than with an officer - - thus when a specific transmitter alarm is received on the central console, the operator there knows instantly where the officer sounding the alarm is posted and a response team can be dispatched immediately.

According to Assistant Commissioner C. C. Hommel and Motorola executive Joseph Sobsey, the devices were specifically tailored to the needs of DOC in that Motorola had to identify and secure the use of an available frequency.

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