on the
first C.O.
to become

New York City
Correction Commissioner
Jan. 18, 1984 -- Sept. 22, 1986

Commissioner McMickens Opened Academy
At Metropolitan Ave. site in Queens
While Bulova Watch property at BQE/GCP link drew interest, City Hall picked the Metropolitan Ave. site. Jacqueline McMickens oversaw the move-in and opening.
Above: Image of Spring 1986 newsletter story.
Below: The text of that story.

Text from Spring 1986 Inside Out issue:
Mayor Edward I. Koch Officiates
at Correction Academy Opening

Mayor Edward 1. Koch and Commissioner Jacqueline McMickens hosted ceremonies to mark the opening of the New York City Correction Training Academy in the Middle Village section of Queens.

The Department is occupying 38,478 square feet and is one of several tenants in a new complex of stores and offices at 66-26 Metropolitan Ave.

The space enlarges the Department's capacity to train new Correction Officers and represents the first time training could be housed in original quarters.

Until moving to Queens, the Academy had a history of using accommodations initially intended for some other purpose.

Along with the Mayor and Commissioner McMickens, the ceremonies included Gerald M. Lynch, President, John Jay College of Criminal justice.

Dr. Lynch said, "Correction personnel and all other criminal justice practitioners must meet with advanced training and education.

Image from archives photo file:

Jacqueline McMickens was an Academy commanding officer in the 1970s when it was at the Tombs.

Commissioner McMickens is shown above with Dr. Jess Maghan, NYPD Deputy Chief Louis Raiford, left, and John Jay College Graduate Studies Dean Barbara Price, right, in May 1984 at NYPD Hq.

Maghan had just moved from the DOC Academy to NYPD as Director of Training by appointment of NYPD Commissioner Benjamin Ward who, as DOC Commissioner, had recruited Maghan as DOC training director in January 1982.

Maghan returned in 1989 to direct DOC training and continued into 1992.

As Forum for Comparitative Correction director, Dr. Magahn remains active in the field of education.

"The needs of society and the rights of prisoners demand it."

Commissioner McMickens acknowledged the efforts of numerous individuals and agencies and said, "Our being able to occupy these quarters is quite a step forward for us."

The first training for Correction Officers in the United States was established by New York City in 1927.

Initially, training was at the Workhouse on Welfare Island.

Toward the end of the 1930s it moved into the firehouse on Rikers Island.

During the mid-1950s, orientation for new recruits was in the Department's personnel offices until it could return to Rikers Island, where eventually the Correction Academy got its own name and took classrooms converted from former employee residences.

Subsequent locations were the earlier Manhattan House of Detention for Men ("The Tombs"), and then a Mini School originally intended for inmates on Rikers Island.

Last year, as new space was sought, the Academy had two temporary locations, each for eight weeks.

Another image from archives photo file:

Commissioner Jacqueline McMickens is shown above with Chief of Operations Gloria Lee, left; Director of Training Dr. Jess Maghan, second left; Chief James T. Garvey Jr., former Academy Commanding Officer, second right.

The occasion was the presentation of a certificate of appreciation to a guest lecturer at a three-day leadership seminar.

The top three recruits in the graduating class make the presentation under the watchful eye of their commanding officer, right.

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