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Jails for the 80s
NYC DOC Report


This report was prepared by staff of the New York City Department of Correction based on findings developed by staff and consultants. Under the general direction of First Deputy Commissioner Mark D. Corrigan, the report was produced by Associate Commissioner Sharon M. Keilin.

Members of the Department of Correction's Master Development Plan work force deserve special recognition for their long hours and the excellence of their contributions:

Deputy Warden Vernon Bain
Deputy Warden Thomas Barry
Rose H. Carol
Asst. Comm. Polly Feingold
Marjorie Flynn
Linda Green
C.O. Hank Hemrick
Captain Philip Horne
xxxxxxKathleen Kolar
Jerome N. Pasichow
C.O. Joseph Patrissi
Lisa Perry
C.O. Thomas Piper
Barbara Radin
Floyd Schwartz
Douglas Waldmann

The work force was privileged to have the assistance of a planning advisory panel, composed of the Department's executive staff, two of its wardens and representatives of other agencies concerned with criminal justice and corrections:

Leonard Aubrey, Office of Management & Budget
Warden John Cunningham, Dept. of Correction
Clay Hiles, Criminal Justice Agency
Marcia Goffin, Dept. of Correction
Assoc. Comm. Charles C. Hommel, Dept. of Correction
Leonard Koerner, Law Department
Monte Kurs, Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator
Judith LaPook, NYC Board of Correction
Warden Gloria Lee, Dept. of Correction
Chief Jacqueline McMickens, Dept. of Correction
Kenneth Ricci, The Ehrenkrantz Group
Arthur Rubell, NYC Office of Construction
Deputy Comm. Ellen Schall, Dept. of Correction
Ellen Stein, Mayor's Office of Operations

Numerous other members of the Department of Correction assisted the work force in developing specific portions of this report or in clarifying Departmental policy and procedures. Among these were Supervising Warden Joseph D'Elia, Warden Theodore West and Deputy Warden Arthur Cinotti. Janie Jeffers, Director of Classification, helped to identify borough house intake and classification requirements.

The work force benefitted greatly from the assistance of Dr. Lambert King, Director of Rikers Island Health Services for Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center, and Albion J. Fitzgerald, Rikers Island Health Services Administrator; Frank Schneiger, Executive Director of the Human Services Work and Management Institute, consulted ably with the Department in the preparation of recommendations for mental health service delivery.

Charles Kuhlman of the Criminal Justice Agency worked untiringly to help develop population forecasting data.

Two consultants gave enormous assistance in the assessment of physical conditions at existing facilities and the development of the capital budget and action plan. The Ehrenkrantz Group, architects and criminal justice planners, and Nielsen, Wurster and Associates, cost estimators, were invaluable in the aid and assistance they offered the work force.

The cover of this report was designed and silkscreened by Correction Officers Joseph Patrissi and Thomas Piper of the Department's Graphics Unit. The Department gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Gruzen and Partners, who supplied the cover drawing of the Manhattan House of Detention, presently under reconstruction; and expresses special appreciation to Robert Zimmerman of The Ehrenkrantz Group, who supplied additional graphics assistance and presentation materials.

Production assistance was ably offered by Linda Harris, Sheila Harris and Alice Mack of the Department of Correction. Special thanks go also to Judith Vaughn, Robin Greenberg and Marya Zimmet, who prepared the final manuscript.

[Note: The above text is from third, fourth and fifth pages
-- not numbered --of the report.]
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