Second Report of the Board of Correction of the City of New York
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As Reprinted in NYCDOC's
1960 Annual Report

On Dec. 12,
1960, the NYC
Board of Correction
issued its second report.
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Correction Commissioner Anna M. Kross, who championed BOC's creation, reprinted the entire text in her 1960 annual report. It is reproduced here.

Mayor Fills 2 Board of Correction Vacancies; Swears Suarez, Schulte

In the above (left) 1959 annual report photo, taken by DOC photographer Cecil A. Ramsey March 12, 1959, Mayor Wagner swears in Raymond J. Suarez to fill the board vacancy caused by Rev. Robert J. McCracken's resignation. Looking on are Commissioner Anna M. Kross and board chairman Carl M. Loeb Jr.

In the above (right) 1960 annual report photo, also taken by DOC photographer Ramsey, Mayor Wagner swears in David A. Schulte Jr. to fill the board vacancy caused by the resignation of the Rev. Sydney G. Menk. Looking on are Commissioner Kross and Edward R. Cass of the State Commission of Correction.

Second Report of . . .



Despite still unmet needs in our prison system, which we shall point out later in this report, the Board of Correction notes, with deep appreciation, the sympathetic attention which you and your associates have given to the many needs of the Correction Department.

Correction Commissioner Anna M. Kross' Seventh Annual Report -- 1960 also reprinted the following text of BOC's cover letter to Mayor Wagner for its second report

December 12, 1960
Honorable Robert F. Wagner
Mayor, City of New York
City Hall, New York 7, New York

Dear Mayor Wagner:

I enclose your Board of Correction's Second Report with this letter. We have made every effort to keep it short in the hope that, in spite of all your other concerns, you will study it carefully.

We are quite aware that the City is short of funds and that crises exist in other departments. This Board feels, however, that a situation fraught with as great a variety of immediate dangers as is that in the Department of Correction must of necessity obtain more consideration on the part of you and your aides.

We are grateful to you for your help. We wish to reiterate our concern with the overcrowding in the Department and hope you share that concern with us.

We are ready, at your convenience, to meet with you to discuss these matters in greater detail.

Carl M. Loeb, Jr.

CML: amd
cc: Honorable Anna M. Kross

Among the constructive moves, all of which could only have been accomplished with your cooperation, are:

1.       The following increase in yearly operating funds.

(a)        More than $800,000 for additional supervisory and custodial officers.

(b)         $30,000 to set up a pilot plan for the payment of inmate labor.

(c)         $200,000 for additional medical and dental care for inmates.

2. The granting, by New York State, of an increase from $1.65 per day to $5.00 per day, for the support of these inmates detained in New York City prisons who, in other New York State communities, would be a responsibility of the State.

 3. Establishment, by the Board of Education, of the new school on Rikers Island for 200 inmates - another direct result of the unceasing efforts of the Commissioner of Correction.

The Most Critical Problem - Overcrowding

The Board wishes again to bring to your attention the overcrowding, in both detention and prison facilities, which has reached a point of crisis.

With a rated capacity of 6,634 prisoners in the entire system, we have housed as many as 9,770 this year.  As you well know, disastrous fires, panic and riots historically result, at least partially, from such overcrowding.

Although plans have been authorized and approved for new buildings, little relief will be had for several years.  The problem is what to do now.


Prompt relief from overcrowding can only be achieved, with your help, by one or more of the following measures.

I.       For prisoners in detention:

(a)        A renewed effort to bring all prisoners to trial at the earliest possible date.

(b)         Release, without bail before trial, of all those who are charged with minor offenses and are not a public menace, and who can reasonably be expected to appear for trial.

(c)        Even greater effort on the part of the magistrates to use more care not 'to incarcerate those against whom no case is probable.

2. For convicted offenders:

   (a)         The fullest possible use of probation consistent with public safety.

(b)         Improved rehabilitation program.  To achieve this end, the following actions should be taken:

(i)         an increase in the number of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers in the Department;

(ii)         stepping up of the salary scale so as to attract and retain the quality of workers needed for such skilled work; (The recent loss of two of our top employees in this category points up this problem.)

(iii)         an enlargement of the present school at Rikers Island to accommodate a higher percentage of the adolescents who require schooling.

An early relief from overcrowding must be obtained promptly.  Buildings now approved will provide an additional capacity of slightly more than 3,000.  Even this will far from solve our overcrowded situation.

A measure we recommend, which would involve changes in legislation, is:

The removal of vagrants, alcoholics, and addicts charged with use, from our prisons.  Those people, as pointed out in our First Report to you, are primarily medical or welfare cases.

New Construction

Substantial savings may be obtained by utilizing minimum and medium custody construction where maximum security is not needed.  The trend throughout the country is in this direction.

Urgently Needed - A Full Time Professional

The preparation of studies, reports, proposals dealing with long-range capital planning, development of correctional program planning, as well as evaluation of departmental performance and other duties outlined in Public Law 25, demand the employment of a fulltime professional. The Commissioner has each year requested a line for an executive secretary for this Board without success. All of the departmental staff is fully occupied with departmental duties.  We again request your help in securing a full-time professional as only with such an aide can the Board of Correction carry out fully its duties as mandated by law.

David A. Schulte, 40 BOC Years And Still Going Strong!

In the above photo, taken by DOC photographer Cecil A. Ramsey in early June 1960, then-new Board of Correction member David A. Schulte Jr. addresses an educational conference on Rikers Island. Forty years of board service later, Mr. Schulte remains an active member, attending its meetings, visiting the jails and voicing his views.

A Sincere Acknowledgment

We wish to take this opportunity to express our continued confidence in the abilities of Commissioner Kross and her staff and to recognize their conscientious and untiring efforts.

Carl M. Loeb, Jr., Chairman

Robert E. Curry, Vice-Chairman

Lisle C. Carter, Jr.

D. John Heyman

Reverend Vincent de Paul Lee, S.I.

David A. Schulte, Jr.

Rose M. Singer

Ethel H. Wise

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