NYCHS Black History Month/Civil War Era History Quiz
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1) The 19th Century NYC Mayor who had headed the board running NYC jails and charitable institutions, who as a Free Soiler opposed the expansion of slavery, and who was one of West Harlem's most influential residents in his era:
a) Fernando Wood.
b) George Opdyke.
c) Daniel F. Tiemann.
d) John T. Hoffman.


3) At which NYC prison complex did the federal government hang the only American ever executed for slave trading on the high seas, Captain Nathaniel Gordon of Maine?
a) The Tombs.
b) Blackwell's Island.
c) Hart Island.
d) Rikers Island.


5) NYC DOC's ancester agency, the Alms House Dept. operated the jails and municipal charitable institutions. Which one did the 1863 draft riot mob burn, though its 230+ occupants were rescued, many being sheltered on Blackwell's Island?
a) Home for Colored Sailors.
b) Colored Home & Hospital.
c) Colored Orphans Asylum.
d) Colored Mission House.


7) What facility is named for DOC's first African-American warden?
a) V.C.B.C.
b) J.A.T.C.
c) E.M.T.C.
d) O.B.C.C.


9) A fourth African-American to serve in the role of NYC Correction Commissioner, albeit on an acting basis for three months:
a) Vernon. C. Bain.
b) Marron Hopkins.
c) Gerald Mitchell.
d) Otis E. Bantum.
2) The 19th Century NYC Mayor who had headed the board running NYC jails and charitable institutions, and who as anti-Free Soiler opposed Lincoln's Civil War policies but combatted a plot by Confederate terrorists to burn down the city:
a) A. Oakey Hall.
b) C. Godfrey Gunther.
c) George Opdyke.
d) Fernando Wood.


4) Among the Union volunteers and conscripts who mustered in and trained on Hart Island and Rikers Island were how many U.S. Colored Troop regiments?
a) 2 regiments.
b) 3 regiments.
c) 4 regiments.
d) none.


6) Name the first African-American to be appointed and serve as the Commissioner of Correction of the City of New York:
a) Benjamin Ward.
b) Benjamin Malcolm.
c) Jacqueline McMickens.
d) None of the above.


8) Jacqueline McMickens WASN'T the:
a) first C.O. to rise through ranks to become Commissioner.
b) first African-American woman to become Commissioner.
c) third African-American to become Commissioner.
d) second woman to become Commissioner.


10) Gloria Lee WASN'T the:
a) first African-American to rise to DOC's highest uniformed rank.
b) first woman in U.S. commanding a major all-male jail.
c) first woman to command all-male jail on Rikers Island.
d) 2nd female Chief of Operations.

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