NYCHS, NYC Correction Academy,
66-26 Metropolitan Ave., Middle Village, N.Y.


The New York Correction History Society provides access to archival materials of the society and of the New York City Department of Correction for which the society serves as an archival materials access agent. The following rules are to be read by each applicant seeking to view the materials for information research. Making the materials available for research does not constitute a waiver of any copyrights covering the materials. These listed rules cover main points addressing concerns about the preservation and security of the research materials but the staff may take or set additional precautions deemed warranted in particular circumstances. We welcome researchers and ask that these rules be seen as part of our effort to make sure the materials they came to research will be here for them.

1. Register. Ask for a Researcher Registration Form if one is not included with a copy of these rules. Registration is good for the calendar year in which filed. Prior registrants may be asked re-register in order to update the photocopies of identifers (driver's license, employee ID, etc.).

2. Registration requires making a photocopy of your identifier (identification that includes your portrait photo). Bring your identifer with you to the pre-scheduled reference reading appointment. A change in the identifier requires re-registration in advance of scheduling an appointment

3. You may take into the reading room pencils, paper, notepads, spiral notebooks, a camera (no case), and a small portable computer (no case). Personal belongings (coats, jackets), bags of any kind (pocketbooks, backpacks, briefcases), ring type binders, pens (including highlight markers) may not be brought into the reading room. A locker will be provided in which to keep such items. Bring your own working lock with the key or combination.

4. Make notes of what you will want photocopied and, if the list is long, please prioritize. Staff will endeavor to make the photocopies without charge but reserves the right to limit the number of items copied or to decline to make copies of fragile items. Obviously, research materials may not be marked nor removed (except by staff) from the Research Reading Room. Staff reserves the right to check all notes, papers and articles leaving the room. Normal library rules against eating, drinking, smoking and making distracting noises apply.

5. Children under 18 are not permitted in the Research Reading Room without advance special permission.

6. Sign the log book with your name, and phone number each time you visit the Research Reading Room. Make appointments at least a week in advance and make known the kind of materials you wish to review. Usually, a small conference room in the Correction Academy serves as the Research Reading Room, as needed. If it becomes unexpectedly unavailable and another suitable room is made available as an alternative, staff may designate it as the Research Reading Room for the purposes of the scheduled research appointment.