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Above is an image of the Jan.-April 1966 issue of Correction Sidelights front page featuring the story and photo of George F. McGrath being sworn in as Commissioner March 20, 1966.
Notes About the Photos and Texts from
The Jan.-April 1966 Issue of
Correction Sidelights

Below is the text of the front page article about the apppointment and swearing-in George F. McGrath being sworn in as New York City Correction Commissioner March 20, 1966.

Also below is the text of the Page 2 full resume of Commissioner McGrath's extensive academic and professional background.

Unlike other departmental newsletter issues that introduced new commissioners, this issue still carried the name of the "old" commissioner (Anna M. Kross) rather than the newly-sworn commissioner (McGrath). That's because his appointment was not to take effect until May 1.

Page 3 and 4 of the four-page issue were devoted to an article and photos of Mayor Linday's April 7th visit to Rikers Island escorted by still-Commissioner Kross. The visit focused on the federally-funded Manpower Development Training Program classes at the Adolescent Division of the Correctional Institution for Men.

The New York City Department of Correction
Welcomes its New Commissioner

Mayor John V. Lindsay appointed George F. McGrath of Boston, Massachusetts as Commissioner of Correction of the City of New York on Wednesday, March 30, 1966 in a ceremony at City Hall. The Honorable George F. McGrath was formerly Commissioner of Correction for the State of Massachusetts from 1959 to 1965. He will assume his new post on May 1, 1966.

At the swearing-in ceremonies of Commissioner McGrath, Mayor Lindsay commended Commissioner Anna M. Kross for having served as Commissioner of Correction for the past twelve years and for having rendered "long, constructive and rewarding service to the City of New York."
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The new Commissioner is a practicing Attorney in Massachusetts and is presently serving as Legal Assistant to District Attorney Garrett H. Byrne of Suffolk County, Boston. He is also an Assistant Professor at the Law Medicine Research Institute, Boston University, teaching a course in Legal Psychiatry, and has a background of broad experience as an educator, lawyer, social scientist, law enforcement official, decorated U.S. Army veteran (World War II), and author. His practical experience as a correctional administrator speaks well for his future as the Commissioner of Correction for the City of New York.

Commissioner Anna M. Kross stated that the new Commissioner "has the background and training that will enable him to carry on the inmate rehabilitation and college-level staff training programs in effect and certain to be further expanded through Federal, State and City funds that have only recently made their appearance on the local and national correctional horizons."

Resume of Commissioner George F. McGrath
The cropped image above was scanned from the Jan.-April 1966 issue of Correction Sidelights front page. The caption:
Mayor John V. Lindsay swearing-in Commissioner George F. McGrath at a City Hall ceremony on March 30, 1966. Beaming with pride are Mrs. George F. McGrath and his daughter Eileen, who is a schoolteacher in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Boston University
  • Boston College Law School, LLB., 1953. Top-ranking student. Granted class Honor Award. On winning team of regional contest in National Moot Court Competition. Doctor of Laws (Hon.), 1961 (Portia Law School)

  • Recorder, Verifier and Supervisor, U.S. Attorney General's Survey of Release (Probation, Parole and Pardon) Procedures, 1935-1936.
  • Clerk-Investigator, Probation Office, U.S. District Court, Boston, 1936.
  • Interne and Social Worker, State Prison, Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1936.
  • Family Interviewer, Chief Social Investigator and Executive Assistant, Glueck Research Project in Delinquency and Crime Harvard Law School, 1940-1954 full-time, 1954-1959 part-time.
  • Secretary, Massachusetts Crime Commission, 1954-1956.
  • Executive Secretary, Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners, 1954-1958.
  • Practicing Attorney, 1954-1958.
  • Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Criminal Law, Boston College Law School, 1958-1959.
  • Commissioner, Department of Correction, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1959-1965.
  • Board Member, Massachusetts Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Board, 1964-1965.
  • President, American Correctional Administrators Association, 1964-1965.
  • Chairman, New England Correctional Administrators Conference, 1963-1965.
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Commonwealth Service Corps., 1963-1965.
  • Chairman, Public Service Division, United Fund Campaign, 1964.
  • Member, Advisory Council, Division of Alcoholism, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 1959-1965.

  • Partner, Law Firm of Mahoney, McGrath and Goldings, 2 Park Square, Boston, Mass.
  • Associate Professor, course in Legal Psychiatry, Law Medicine Research Institute, Boston University.
  • Assistant District Attorney, Suffolk County, (Boston).

  • Member, Board of Trustees, National Council on Delinquency, 1964 to present.
  • Member, Board of Directors, American Correctional Association, 1959 to present.
  • Member, Professional Council, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1958 to present. Vice-Chairman, 1961-1962. Secretary, American Correctional Administrators Association, 1962-1964. President 1964-1965.
  • Member, Massachusetts Correctional Workers' Association, 1955 to present. President 1956-1958
  • Member, Board of Directors, Community Organization Services, 1959-1963.
  • Member, Association for Psychiatric Treatment of Offenders, 1961 to present.
  • Member, Board of Directors of Massachusetts Half-Way House, Inc., 1964 to present.
  • Member, Board of Directors of United Community Services, Boston, 1964 to present.
  • Member, Massachusetts Bar Association.
  • Member, Boston Bar Association: Chairman Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure, 1965 to present.

  • Criminal Law Section -- Annual Survey of Massachusetts Law -- 1955, 1962.
  • "The Case of Henry W." -- published in connection with the book "Unravelling Juvenile Delinquency" by Prof. Sheldon Glueck and Dr. Eleanor T. Glueck
  • Chapter Advisor, Manual of Correctional Standards (American Correctional Association).

  • Member, Massachusetts Advisory Committee on Correction 1958-1965, Chairman, 1958-1959.
  • Chairman, Governor's Committee on Building Needs in the Department of Correction, 1958-1959, (House #3221 of 1958).
  • Chairman, State Section, United Fund Campaign, 1963.
  • Chairman, State Employees Unit, Cardinal Cushing Charity Fund, 1960.
  • Consultant, Special Commission Investigating Unrest in the (Mass.) Prisons, 1954 (House #2955 of 1954).
  • Lecturer, Boston Center for Adult Education, 1960.
  • Lecturer, Boston College Institute of Adult Education, 1958.
  • Lecturer, Graduate Course in Criminal Practice and Procedure, Suffolk University Law School, 1959.
  • Guest Lecturer, Boston College School of Social Work, 1959-1960: Simmons School of Social Work, 1962.
  • Veteran, World War 11 -- Awarded Army Commendation Medal.
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