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The above scanned image shows the opening page of a two-page spread in the Autumn 1992 Correction News issue (Pages 4 & 5) on new management team under Commissioner Abate.
The Abate Team
The Autumn 1990 issue's Pages 4 & 5 featured stories and photos on the new managers forming Commissioner Abate's executive team. This web page reproduces those newsletter pages:
Meet the new management
team at Correction
[From Page 4 of the Autumn, 1992 issue]

First Deputy Commissioner James C. Shine -- With two decades of experience in law enforcement, he most recently headed the American Prosecutors Research Institute and served as deputy executive director of the National District Attorneys Association, both in Washington, D.C.

The native Californian lived in Brooklyn Heights while serving as the city's first deputy commissioner of Probation during 1982-84.

Prior to that he held major administrative posts with the U.S. Justice Department, San Francisco's county jails, and Boston's penal institutions and justice planning agency.
The above scanned image from Page 4 of the Autumn 1992 Correction News issue shows Commissioner Abate congratulating First Deputy James Shine after his swearing-in.

After his earlier New York service, he led the national association for prosecutors. Since returning from the D.C. area, he has taken residence on Staten Island.

Deputy Commissioner of Capital Development and Support Services Antonio Figueroa -- Born in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and raised in the South Bronx, the current West Sider co-founded the architectural firm of Sanchez and Figueroa. The Bronx firm has worked on a capital study of the city's court systems and on development of Hostos Community College in the Bronx and a North Brother Island state correctional facility.

He helped design various day care centers and housing in the city, including Brooklyn's Lindsay-Bushwick Houses. With more than 20 years in architectural design and planning, he chairs the Society of Spanish Engineers, Planners and Architects.

Deputy Commissioner for investigation and Management Services Lacy C Johnson -- The Bronx resident has served in various New York public and private sector law-related capacities over the past decade.
The above scanned image from Page 4 of the Autumn 1992 Correction News issue shows Commissioner Abate presiding as Lacy Johnson, Amy Singer and Anthony Figueroa take deputy commissioner oaths.

He worked as a representative of the Queensboro Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; a legal researcher; a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney; inspector general for the city Department of Juvenile Justice, and as an assistant commissioner of the city Department of Investigation.

Since late 1989, he has been an attorney with a major business and labor law firm, Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein.

Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Planning and Policy Amy E Singer -- Formerly of Boston, she has 20 years of public service in the criminal justice and human services field.

Her career began with half-way house work in Washington, D.C. and has included service as chief of a Massachusetts prosecutor's office crime victims program, as that state's assistant secretary for criminal justice, and as a senior associate at Education Development Center, in Newton, Mass.
The above scanned image from Page 4 of the Autumn 1992 Correction News issue shows Richard Shapiro being sworn in as assistant commissioner by Commissioner Abate.

There she consulted on a national level in criminal justice and human services issues. A proposal she helped write resulted in a funded health program for pregnant, drug-addicted women being held on Rikers Island.

Assistant Commissioner for Technical Development Richard B. Shapiro -- Born and raised and still a resident of Brooklyn's greater Flatbush region, he has served 22 years in public and private sector management and administrative roles with various service and information programs.

He worked with the Midwood Kings Highway Development Corp.; the city Police Department; the state Crime Victims Board, and the city Department of Probation.

A licensed master of vessels, radar operator and boat captain, he also has served as an instructor at the Seamen's Church Institute.

In the above image scanned from the Page 5 of the Autumn 1992 Correction News issue Marron Hopkins, Nancy E. Reese, Joseph Colon and Robert DeRosa, left to right, await being sworn in at City Hall ceremonies.
Up through the ranks and the chain of command
[From Page 5 of the Autumn, 1992 issue]

Chief [of Department] Marron Hopkins -- With the department 23 years, he most recently served as Chief of Division 1.

The south Queens resident and community volunteer began with the department as a Correction Officer, went onto the posts of warden and division chief and now is its highest ranking uniformed member.

The ex-Marine, who has served as a U.S. Air Force Reserves technical instructor, oversaw the management and administration of the Brooklyn Correctional Facility, Queens House of Detention and Rikers Island's West Facility and Special Operations as Chief of Division 1.

Deputy Chief for Classification, Movement and Court Operations Nancy E. Reese -- Formerly of L.I. City and St. Albans, Queens, and Brevoort, Brooklyn, the current northeast Bronx resident has served 20 years with Correction. Her first C.O. assignment was at Rikers Island's then Correctional Institution for Women (now George Motchan Detention Center).
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Other facilities at which she has served include the Bronx House of Detention for Men (BxHDM), Anna M. Kross Center (AMKC) and the Correctional Institution for Men on Rikers Island.

As she advanced, assignments involved such matters as academy training and management evaluation before her most recent prior duty as Deputy Warden at the Maritime Facility III (MTF III) in the Bronx.

Division I Chief Joseph F. Colon -- The southeast Rockland County resident, who grew up in Coney island and Washington Heights, became a C.O. in 1971. As he advanced, he saw duty at various Rikers facilities and later worked in management evaluation before becoming the city's first Latino warden in 1989. He served at the Manhattan Detention Complex, the BxHDM, the MTF 11 and the James A. Thomas Center on Rikers Island,

He is now one of the highest ranked Latinos in New York City uniformed law enforcement. An avid tennis player, he has won Eastern Tennis Association titles at the Westchester classic seniors.

Chief of Compliance Management Robert I. DeRosa -- The Westchester resident was born and raised in northeast Bronx and joined the department in 1969 as a Correction Officer trainee, one of the first Correction cadets.

His appointment as head of the newly-created compliance management division, which involves meeting various court-issued standards set for Correction facilities and services, represents his latest advancement. His warden assignments have included service at AMKC and the MTFIII.

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