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  • NY State Commission of Correction. Among other duties, SCOC oversees the operation of all state and local correctional facilities; promulgate rules and regulations establishing minimum standards for the care, custody, treatment, supervision, and discipline of all persons confined in state and local correctional facilities and inspect these facilities to ensure adherence to standards and the laws governing inmates' rights. Its former chairman, Alan Croce, new a NYS Parole Board Commissioner, is president of the NY Correction History Society.
  • NY State Department of Correctional Services. Site includes listing of the 70 state correctional facilities with the mailing address and phone number of each, a map of facility locations in the state, press releases back to April of 1997, and research reports.
  • Corcraft Products - NYS Department of Correctional Services. NYSDOCS' Division of Industries makes products used by DOCS facilities and other agencies and their institutions throughout the state.
  • NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services. NYS DCJS is a multi-function criminal justice support agency developing technologies, communication and information systems. It houses the state’s criminal history fingerprint files.
  • NY State Sheriffs' Association. Excellent site for information about the county sheriffs throughout the state, nearly all of whose departments operate their respective counties' correctional facilities. The site features news about and web links to the country sheriffs as well as about the association's own programs and publications.
  • NY State Deputies Association. Interesting and informative site about, for, and by deputy sheriffs and similar law enforcement officers throughout the state.
  • NYS Division of Parole. The Division of Parole, established by Section 259 of the Executive Law, consists of the Board of Parole and Division staff. Its mission is to promote public safety through supervision and treatment plans for offenders returning to the community. The site, filled with extensive and detailed information on its operations, includes a brief one-page historical overview.
  • NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives. DPCA, established under Chapter 134 of the Laws of 1985, exercises general supervision over the operation of local probation agencies and the use of correctional alternative programs throughout the state, administers state aid funding for approved local probation services and for municipalities and private non-profit agencies which have approved alternative to incarceration service plans. DPCA’s mission is to promote and facilitate the delivery of community corrections programs through funding and oversight.
  • Guide to NYS Dept. of Correctional Services Records held by NY State Archives and Records Administration, among the most important materials available for research at the Archives. From its beginning, the state has led in innovative programs in penology replicated in numerous other states. Most of these records were created at 16 institutions representing the major types of correctional facilities in New York. Nearly 4,000 cubic feet of records are described in the guide. In addition, the guide includes unique histories that trace the development of each facility.

    In addition to the paper records described in this guide, The State Archives has acquired a significant electronic records system from the Department of Correctional Services. For further information contact

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