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rikers cure for wife beaters headline
rikers inmate build seawall
rikers inmate build seawall
learning to be gentle subhead
Images & text derived from Page 4, NY Tribune April 12, 1903
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Webmaster Note: The Rikers Cure for Wife Beaters story extracted whole from the Library of Congress on-line archive image of Page 4 of the April 12, 1903 issue of the N.Y. Tribune Illusrated Supplement, is too large to fit unreduced on a standard HTML web page. If the whole page as a unit is reduced to fit, the text becomes too small to read.

As a way to overcome the problem, we have split the page image into close-up sections of the story text and close-ups of its accompanying photos.

Navigation links below the photo and text close-up images provide access to the next section and the previous section in the six-page series.

At right is a 4.8-inch wide image of that April 12, 1903 NY Tribune Page 4 from which the story text, headlines and photos have been rearranged in this series of six web pages for easier on-screen reading.

The original page consists four columns of type but the Rikers Cure for Wife Beaters story text does not begin in Column 1, which is occupied by a continuation of a story from a preceding page. On the original page, the Rikers Cure for Wife Beaters story text begins in Column 2 below the subhead "Learning to be Gentle." Moving the cursor over the Page 4 image (right) helps illustrate that fact. ----->

NYCHS thanks Bronx history researcher Jorge Santiago for calling the story to our attention.