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A Feature Article from the June 1978 issue:

Beth Ann Buono, daughter of Supervising Warden Francis R. Buono wifh Commissioner Ciuros at Memorial to her father.

The Rikers Island Bridge, built under the direction of the late Supervising Warden Francis R. Buono, was renamed in his honor in a ceremony on Rikers Island on May 25, 1978.

Beneath a rain-threatening sky, a color guard stood at attention as a six-man rifle squad saluted the memory of Supervising Warden Buono. "Taps" was played and a monument to Buono was unveiled by Commissioner Ciuros in the presence of the late Supervising Warden's family, friend's and fellow members of the Department.

The Honor Guard was recently revived by the Department after an absence of almost fifteen years.

Commissioner Ciuros addressed the ceremony, which was moved into the Correctional Institution for Women's Auditorium by the rain.

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The Commissioner stated, "The career of Supervising Warden Frank Buono stands as a testament to the lasting contribution that a single civil servant of unwavering dedication and energy can make to the lives of his fellow citizens and to his City."

The Commissioner also said, "Frank Buono's life is a model of strength, discipline and self-determination. He set a standard of excellence that will endure."

Firing detail salutes memory of Supervising Warden Buono with three volleys.

Herb Sturz, Deputy Mayor for Criminal Justice, and Peter Tufo, Chairman of the Board of Correction, also addressed the ceremony. In his tribute, the Deputy Mayor said, "Frank demonstrated that through taut organization and discipline, a trained team can avoid recourse to excessive physical force and prevent trouble."

Deputy Mayor Sturz also said, "We are grateful that Frank left behind a Rikers Island and Department of Correction that today functions like the proverbial well-oiled machine -- under the brilliant, humane management of our new Commissioner of Correction Bill Ciuros."

An awards ceremony followed the tribute to Supervising Warden Buono.
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