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[Image used here through courtesy of Brother Timothy F. MacDonald, S.A.]

This picture is 1 of 16 Fr. Charles Repole-related images made available to the New York Correction History Society web site by Friar Tim F. MacDonald who served as a NYC DOC chaplain during the 1970s as did Fr. Repole. Tim is a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. Charlie is a member of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

Based on Tim's notes, the background banner and the circular emblem people are wearing in this and the next next few pictures, the sequence of photos was apparently taken during an all-day event of the Community Mayors of NYS at Coney Island to which the NYCD Columbia Association sent a delegation in a show of support for one of its own being honored. Repole? Is that Al Mandanici wearing his captain's cap?

Research on the web indicates that the gentleman, second left, in the light color shirt wearing what appears a medallion hanging on a ribbon from his neck, is Dominick Della Rocca (1922 - 1998), long associated with Della Rocca family resta...urant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and promoter of NY civic/philanthropicl causes and groups such as the Community Mayors of NYS. The K.M. often displayed after his name denoted his being a Knight of Malta, an honorary order in which membership is conferred by the Pope as recognition for outstanding humanitarian and charitable activity in the community at large. Both he and Fr. Repole represent proof that standing tall in life has nothing to do with height.

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