<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>1966 Feb COBA news magazine Vol. 2 No. 1</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#ffffff"> <center> <TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH="600"><TR><TD> <H2>COBA News from 50+ years ago<br>is 'new' -- on the World Wide Web</H2> <p> <TABLE align=right BORDER=0 width=50%><TR><TD bgcolor="#007FFF" valign=bottom><center> <a href="http://www.correctionhistory.org/html/chronicl/nycdoc/1966-feb-coba-news/1966-COBA-News-Feb-Vol-2-No-1.pdf"> <IMG SRC="1966-coba-front-page.jpg"></a></center></TD></TR> <TR> <TD bgcolor="#FF7F00"><center> <H4><b>Click above reduced-size image of the February 1966 <i>COBA News</i> magazine's front cover to access a PDF version of all 32 pages, each 72 dpi, approximately 5.2 inches wide and 6.6 inches in height.</b></h4></center></TD></TR></TABLE> <font face=arial size=-1></b><p> The Correction History website has uploaded an historic issue of COBA News: February 1966 Vol. 2 No. 1, from cover to cover, all 32 pages. <p>Consider this: The magazine issue was produced decades before digital type setting, imaging and other computer desktop publishing programs replaced metal type and metal photographic plates physically arranged by human printers in production of printed materials -- books, newspapers, and magazine. <p>Yes, you young whipper-snappers, that was decades before even the World Wide Web came into being. Thus, in becoming available on this website, the 1966 issue is, in a sense, "new" again. <p>Among the contents that this site's ancient webmaster (whose journalistic career included an early stint in a newspaper's "hot-lead" composing room) found fascinating -- and you may too -- were details <UL><li>about efforts to have <i>Correction Officer</i> replace <i>Keeper</i> as the job title (see "Introducing C.O. Kalman E. Reich" on Page 2),<li> about the arrival of first inmates from Welfare Island Penitentiary at Rikers Pen (see Ret. Warden Milton Klein s "An Era Gone By" on Page 5), and <li>about when the Brooklyn H of D went co-ed with women inmates in the until-then all-male facility (see "Around the Department" on Page 13), and <li>about the pension, benefits, and pay packages back in the day (see Pages 3, 25 and 28, respectively). </ul><bk>Then there s the complete 1962 test for promotion to captain (see Questions & Answers) with the Answer key at the end (see Pags 15 - 24)). How many will you get right? <p>You also may be surprised that you recognize more names than you might expect. At least one I know you may still encounter on Rikers Island. Can you guess?) <p> We thank both James P. Barry  who joined DOC in 1986, retired as a 3-star chief in 2007 and returned in 2016 as a Senior Advisor (Performance Metrics and Analytics Unit)  and a retired officer friend of his who has kept the half-century-old magazine in near-mint condition. They got together to scan and send us a digital copy to share via the website and its Facebook extension. <p> Indicating their action reflects support for efforts to incorporate a NY Correction History Museum into the planned new Academy, Barry wrote he and his friend had discussed  that when a museum is built (fingers crossed), the historic issue warranted being part of it. The retired officer who has kept the 1966 COBA News in such pristine condition agreed and intends to contribute it once the museum opens. </font></td></tr></table></center></td></tr> </TABLE></center></td></tr></table> <P><center> <table width=600 border=3 bordercolor="#3333FF"> <tr> <td width=33% bgcolor="#87ceed"><center><h5><b><a href="http://www.correctionhistory.org/index.html">To<br>NYCHS'<br>Home Page</a></b></h5></center></td> <td width=33% bgcolor="#FF9900"><center><h5><b><a href="http://www.correctionhistory.org/html/chronicl/nycdoc/html/nycdoc.htm">To NYCHS'<br>NYC DOC<br>History Menu</a></b></h5></center></td> <td width=33% bgcolor="#87ceed"><center><h5><b><a href="http://www.correctionhistory.org/html/searches/nwsltrlist.html">To NYCHS'<br>NYC DOC<br>newletter lists</a></b></h5></center></td> </tr></table></center> </center> </BODY> </HTML>