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The 8th 1930s Rikers virtual tour close-up shows the ferry slip and boat docking area on the island's north shore. Significant differences are readily noticed when this 1930s uncompleted construction scene is compared with the completed boat dock/ferry slip development seen in the 1948 aerial photo. Use your browser's "back" button to return here. A few of the differences are:
  • The huge letters spelling out "RIKERS ISLAND," visible in the 1948 close-up, appear in the 1930s scene still in their wrappings unveiled.
  • Only one ferry slip appears in the 1930s close-up whereas the 1948 detail shows two.
  • The arch structure for the mechanism raising and lowering the ramp to the ferry is much taller and larger in the 1948 close-up than in the 1930s detail view.
  • A fog bell and fuel pumps visible in the 1948 aerial are not yet in place in the 1930s close-up.
  • The brick building for the dock and ferry slip operation, visible in the 1948 close-up, is not yet built in the 1930s close-up.

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8th of 10 detail views of 1930s Rikers Island aerial photo

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