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The 1930s Rikers virtual tour begins with a close-up of the most interesting scene in the upper section of the full image, beginning from the left corner and extending rightward somewhat beyond midway. The close-up shows the landfill operation in full swing, steam columns rising from the various equipment at work near the waters' edge. In the upper right area of the close-up, a half-dozen barges filled with trash can be seen in the water waiting to be unloaded. Less easy to spot are at least three rail trains carrying the trash away from the barge unloading area to be unloaded on the island's interior mounts. The rail trains, propelled by steam locomotives, can be detected by the steam rising from their engines. Click the above scene to see a close-up detail showing more clearly the three rail trains mentioned, steam rising from their engines. Use your browser's "back" button to return here. For more information and 1920s images of the Rikers Island landfill operations visit 1920s Scenes of Rikers Rising from the River elsewhere on this web site.

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