A scene from the Rikers segment of Jails of New York in the NYCTV Original Productions "Secrets of NY" series shows Correction Officer Joseph McGough leading the way down the James A. Thomas Center main corridor. He told film crew members he was escorting that during the jail's years as an inmate housing facility "the long corridor seemed to get even longer" whenever he and other COs had to run down it while wearing heavy body armor during security response situations or drills. Note inmate painted mural on left wall. It is #4 in our web site's virtual tour presentation "Rikers Penitentiary/HDM/JATC murals painted by inmates.".
This and the other views from the Jails of New York show in the "Secrets of NY" series are presented here by NYCHS through courtesy of NYCTV Original Productions that retains and reserves all rights. ©
10th of 35 Rikers Island images from NYCTV Jails of New York show in "Secrets of New York" series.

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