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Our New York Correction History Society site features more than a dozen web presentations on "the continuing story" of George Motchan, the first -- and thankfully so far the only -- New York City Correction Officer killed as a result of inmate violence.

Above is a digital plaque image memorializing eight
uniformed Correction personnel who died as result of
inmate violence since NYC became a five-borough
municipality in 1898. Click a name for related details.

But more than a half dozen other NYC uniformed Correction staffers with rank titles other than that of Correction Officer have died as the consequence of inmate violence since NYC became a five-borough municipality in 1898.

Perhaps because most of their stories go back three quarters of a century or more, they are less well known to current Correction personnel. This presentation seeks to create greater awareness and appreciation of their sacrifices.

To that purpose, a "digital plaque" memorializing them, along with C.O. Motchan, has been created. The above JPG version (4.8 by 6 inch, 54 Kb, 72 dpi) of the "digital plaque" has been mapped so that, by clicking on a name entry, the related details can been accessed.

Click for printable PDF.
For color printing on letter size paper that can be attached to a notice board or framed for display, an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) also has been created -- 7.5 by 9.36 inches, 661 Kb, and 200 dpi resolution.

It can be accessed by clicking the thumbnail icon right.

Click for CO Motchan stories.
If you have missed the most recent web presentation on this site about Correction Officer George Motchan -- concerning the rededication at the George Motchan Detention Center auditorium of his memorial plaque from the Kings County Hospital Prison Ward (now closed) -- click the Motchan thumbnail icon left.

Doing so will access the starter page for that presentation. The starter page also includes links to the 14 earlier presentations.

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