The Continuing Story of Correction Officer George Motchan
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Correction History is not about a past over and done with, but a past still impacting the present. Case in point: the Motchan Story. Issues in it a quarter century ago are still with us as materials presented here show. Due to a high court ruling, the officer's convicted killer was not executed as first sentenced. He became eligible to apply for parole July 2000. The views expressed on the issues are those of their authors to whom NYCHS is grateful for granting its request for copies to post here.

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C.O. George Motchan

  1. Remembrance: CO George Motchan Slain in Line of Duty . . . -- DOC's On the Gate, 1995
  2. Retired Police Officer writes about dad-in-law, CO Motchan -- July, 2000
  3. Motchan granddaughter writes Parole Board -- July, 2000
  4. Commissioner, COBA Write Parole Board -- June, 2000
  5. A Warden's Funeral for Slain CO -- COBA News, 1975
  6. Motchan Drive Dedicated on Rikers -- DOC's The Pen, 1978
  7. George Motchan Detention Center Dedicated on Rikers -- DOC's Correction News, 1989
  8. D.C. memorial wall adds Motchan name -- DOC's On the Gate, 1999
  9. GMDC Among Largest Jails -- DOC's On the Gate, 1996
  10. George Motchan Ceremonial Hall Dedication -- printed program, July 6, 2001

11. C.O. George Motchan Corner: A Traditional Memorial.
An Oct. 4, 2002 street corner dedication on State Island is among the Motchan
memorials reviewed by his daughter in a college history studies paper.

12. Rikers' 1978 Motchan Drive Dedication and Awards Ceremony printed program.
All its images, texts and lists of honorees and promotees.

13. NYCHS Virtual Visit to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in D.C. where C.O. Motchan's name is inscribed.

14. 30th Year Remembrance.

15. Rededication of Motchan memorial plaque 2008.

16. Excerpts from Granddaughter Kelly's letter to Parole Board 2010

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