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Glenn S.
after 32 years, 10 of them spent heading the Dept. as its Commiss- ioner

Glenn S. Goord, 55, who began as an inmate drug counselor and rose to head the state's prison system, the nation's 4th largest, is retiring after 32 years.

He has been commissioner 10 years.


During his 10 years heading DOCS, Commissioner Goord testified at scores of legislative and other official hearins on matters relating to the agency and to the criminal justice system, hearings such as the one shown in the above image from a DOCS Today issue. Click image to access issues list.


In his decade as DOCS Commissioner, Glen S. Goord has presided over honors being awarded to thousands of staffers, uniformed and civilian, such as in the above image from a DOCS Today issue. Click image to access issues list.
From the small community of Mountaindale, Sullivan County, he is the first commissioner confirmed by the Senate to rise through the ranks.

Mr. Goord entered state service in 1973 as a drug abuse rehabilitation counselor. From 1973-81, he served as a drug abuse counselor, supervisor of inmate grievance programs and volunteer services supervisor at the Queensboro, Woodbourne, Mid-Orange, Otisville and Fishkill prisons

That was followed by service as a deputy superintendent for administration at the maximum security Eastern New York Correctional Facility and then as assistant commissioner for correctional facilities in 1982, and as deputy commissioner for correctional facilities in 1988.

Gov. George Pataki named Goord acting commissioner in 1996. He was confirmed later that year.


As in the above DOCS Today image of an award presentation related funds raised by the DOCS community for 9-11 relief, Gov. Gorge Pataki was oten seen at the Commissioner's side during Goord's tenure. Click image above to access a list DOCS Today issues.


As Commissioner, Glenn Goord has addressed a vast variety of DOCS and non-DOCS audiences. The above image from DOCS Today shows him addressing an audience with the training academy in the background. Click image to access issues list.
Word of his retirement decision was contained in message July 5, 2006, to his staff of 32,000.

A "Retirement Barbecue" was held, starting 5 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 22, at the DOCS Training Academy Annex, New Scotland Road, Albany.

In 1997, Commissioner Goordís contributions to furthering excellence in corrections earned him the Carl Robinson Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association.

In 1998, he earned the Charles Evans Hughes Award for public service from the Albany-based Capital Area Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).


In addition to having been recepient of Association of State Correctional Administrators awards, Commission Goord holds or has held the following ASCA offices: vice chair, Committee on Program and Training; Treasurer, Vice President and President-elect. Click ASCA logo above to access ASCA web site.
In 2001, the Association of State Correctional Administrators selected the Commissioner to receive its national Michael Francke Award.

Commission Goord holds or has held the following ASCA offices: vice chair, Committee on Program and Training; Treasurer, Vice President and President-elect.

In 2002, the ASPA awarded the Commissioner Goord its highest honor, the Governor Alfred E. Smith Award, for his direction of the Department's immediate and expansive efforts to aid New York City following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack. With his 1998 receipt of its Hughes award, he is the only person twice honored by ASPA.

In connection with presentation of the American Correctional Associationís highest honor, the E.R. Cass Award, to Commissioner Goord at the ACA's 135th Congress of Correction in August 2005, he was interviewed and the Q&As were posted on its web site. Here are the last two Q&As from that interview:


Image above of Mogul and his friend is smaller version of one on the notice for Commissioner Goord's Retirement Barbecue Aug. 22 at DOCS Training Academy Annex picnic pavilion, New Scotland Road, Albany. Click image to access Mogul and Friend page.
What are your thoughts on being selected for the American Correctional Associationís highest honor?

"Of course I am honored and humbled, but as I will say on Wednesday, I accept this award for the 30,000 employees of the state of New York. One person does not make a system, the system belongs to the people of New York. The employees and inmates are the system."

What does the future hold for you, career- wise and personally?

"I started in the system July 19, 1973, and I have been commissioner for over nine years. There is much work to be done; I look at the system two, three, four, five and 10 years from now. I feel I have the energy and motivation to help move the system forward. As long as Gov. Pataki agrees, and Joann [significant other] and my dog Mogul agree, I will continue to serve the people of New York."

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