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The Rikers:
Their Island, Homes, Cemetery & Early Genealogy in Queens County, NY

by Edgar Alan Nutt
in the 11th generation from immigrant Abraham Rijcken vanLent
2004 Charlestown, N.H.

This book brings together the essence of documents and other records from many sources never before assembled or generally available to family members but herein identified in plentiful foot notes. These include earlier published works, church records governmental agencies, Internet sites, reports by relatives, and personal family documnts.

Each of the four subjects named in the book’s title has its own chapter and is treated historically with a few illustrating pictures. drawings. and charts.

The genealogy chapter is based upon that of James Riker in his 1852 The Annals of Newtown but in an improved format and with both corrections and additions.

Its family unit entries, however, are with few exceptions limited to those of which the heads were born in the New Amsterdam area before the end of the nineteenth century, and the families of distaff members are included only sparingly and in the context of their parents entnes.

The first chapter. entitled Preliniinary Considerations, is a presentation. with analysis and conclusions, of family probems that have vexed researchers and puzzled family members for at least the best part of two centuries, and it depends largely upon research in municipal and church records of the Netherlands.

These problems include such as immigrant forefather Abraham’s proper name, his father’s given name, whether the commonly used Rycken. or more properly Rijcken, was or was not a surname, whether or not it was a patronvm proper, and whether vanLent was the real surname or merely the home town of Abraham and his brothers..

The book itself is 8.5 by 11 iiicles in size, is soft cover with a “fast back” tape and glue binding, and consists of one hundred and fifty-one pages, including illustrations.

Price per mailed copy: by prepaid “media” postage, $16.18. Multiple copies will lower per copy postage cost.

Edgar Alan Nutt
P.O. Box 313
Charlestown, NH 03603

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