Alan J. Croce, then chair of
State Commission of Correction,
shown speaking at a TEAMS
meeting on Rikers Island.
After 10 years chairing NY's SCOC, Alan J. Croce named Commissioner on Parole Bd., honored for 35 years in law enforcement, presented with award for achievement
Alan J. Croce, second left, NY Correction History Society president, shown at past NYCHS event chatting with fellow board members: vice president Brian Fischer, left; board chair Robert N. Davoren, right, and former board chair William Fraser.
The Westchester County Department of Correction presented Parole Commissioner Alan Croce with the County Correction Commissioner’s Achievement Award at the annual employee awards and promotion ceremony Aug. 18th, 2006, in the Institute for Human Development’s Baird Auditorium at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, N.Y.

The annual ceremony, organized to coincide with “National Corrections Employees Week,” looks to publicly honor correction staff who are deserving of special recognition. Correction Commissioner Rocco Pozzi presided. Westchester County Executive Andy Spano was the keynote speaker.


Suffolk County Sheriff shield. Alan Croce began his career in 1971 as a Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff, became Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Investigator in 1976, and 10 years later was appointed Undersheriff in charge of the county’s correctional system. Click to access its web site.
Mr. Croce was honored for his work as chairman of the NY State Commission of Correction (SCOC), where he served for 10 years before his appointment to the NYS Parole Board earlier this summer.

A 35-year veteran of law enforcement, Croce was the longest serving Chairman at the State’s Commission of Correction.

New York State Director of Criminal Justice, Chauncey G. Parker said, “I am so pleased that Alan Croce has been given this award. Alan has dedicated most of his life to protecting and serving the people of New York.

"Because of his leadership and tireless efforts, New York State, and our local correctional facilities have made tremendous progress in building and maintaining safe, stable and humane local correctional facilities.”

Commissioner Alan Croce said, “I am truly honored to be receiving this award and am happy to accept it for all officers and staff who work in the field of corrections throughout New York State. It has been a great privilege to have served the people of New York State for over three decades—first as Undersheriff in Suffolk County, then as the Chairman of the State Commission of Correction and now as a Commissioner at the Board of Parole. ”


SCOC logo. On Jan. 1, 1997, Alan Croce was appointed as Chairman / Commissioner of the NYS Commission of Correction. SCOC's mission is to provide for a safe, stable and humane correctional system in the state. Click image to access its site.
Commissioner Croce began his law enforcement and corrections career 35 years ago in 1971 as a Deputy Sheriff in the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. In 1972, he was assigned to the Sheriff’s Investigative Unit as a plain-clothes officer, where he served until being promoted to the rank of Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Investigator in 1976. In March of 1986, Mr. Croce was appointed to the position of Undersheriff, becoming the chief administrator of Suffolk County’s entire correctional system; this included four correctional facilities, one detention facility, and employed over 750 correction officers, 60 deputy sheriffs, as well as civilian and medical personnel.

Both as an investigator and as Undersheriff, Commissioner Croce commanded several investigative units within the Department, including the Internal Affairs Unit, the Medical Evaluations Unit, the Claims/Legal Unit, the Personnel Investigations Unit, the Criminal Investigations Unit, and the Special Investigations Unit.


To read an Adobe Acrobat PDF copy of Alan Croce's 2-page SCOC farewell memo, click of the above composite image of it.
On January 1, 1997, Mr. Croce was appointed by Governor Pataki to the position of Chairman/Commissioner of the New York State Commission of Correction.

During his tenure at the State Commission of Correction, Croce spearheaded efforts to bring corrections, in particular the local correctional establishment, and the State Commission of Correction itself into the 21st century. Through a persistent determination to facilitate replacement of obsolete, overcrowded and unsafe local correctional facilities in order to keep pace with community growth and our public safety needs, Commissioner Croce established a stable and humane correctional system for staff, inmates and the public.

As Chairman, Commissioner Croce oversaw 71 prisons, three penitentiaries, more than 50 jails and more than 400 police department lock-ups. In addition to modernizing dozens of facilities and standardizing equipment and training for officers, Mr. Croce oversaw dozens of major jail projects and renovations throughout New York State.


Alan Croce appointment as a Commissioner member of the NYS Parole Board was confirmed by the NYS Senate June 23, 2006 for a term expiring June 18, 2009. Click image to access issue.
For example, over the last 10 years, Mr. Croce and the agency have worked closely with more than 30 counties to modernize, expand and replace aging and inadequate jail facilities. By 2007, Commission-facilitated projects completed or already underway will have added more than 6,700 new jail beds, all of them of the most modern, safe and efficient design, all badly needed to support the public safety infrastructure of New York State.

Commissioner Croce holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York, and is a graduate of both the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, as well as the National Correctional Academy in Boulder, Colorado.

A lifelong New Yorker, Commissioner Croce lives on Long Island in Mattituck with his wife Patricia L. Acampora, a former State Assemblywoman and Commissioner for the State Public Service Commission.

Left: Rocco Pozzi presents award. Center: County Exe Spano with honoree. Right: Croce at mike.
PLAQUE READS: "Commissioner's Achievement Award is hereby presented to Alan J. Croce,
SCOC Chairman/Commissioner, for extraordinary service and professional leadership."

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