A framed photo of his father, Donald J. Cranston, from which the above digital image is derived, was the largest item in his father's brown briefcase presented to the New York Correction History Society (NYCHS) in early March 2010 by Mark J.Cranston, then retiring from the NYC Department of Correction after 23 years of service. At retirement, he was Chief of Staff in the commissioner's office.

The briefcase contained dozens of items related to his father's career that included service as Correction Officers Benevolent Association president, later Correction Captains Association president and lastly as Correction Retirees Benevolent Association chairman.

Images on this page link to close-ups of 26 briefcase items.

Items below mapped to Close-ups #1 thru #7
CCA cards below mapped to Close-ups #8 thru #22
1980 ccc card 1981 cca card 1983 cca card 1984 cca card 1985 cca card 1986 cca card 1987 cca card 1988-89 cca card 1989 cca card 1990 cca card 1991 cca card 1992 cca card 1994 cca card 1995 cca card 1993 cca card

COBA cards & CRBA card below mapped to Close-ups #23 thru #26
1970s coba campaign card 1977 coba card coba president card 1995 crba card

Circa 1980s scene: Fr. Charles Repole, then Rikers Island DOC chaplain and Columbia Association
chaplain,flanked by Phil Seelig, left, then COBA president, and Donald J. Cranston, then
CCA president.
six metal objects metallic cca card metallic k of c shield medal lapel pin service bar pen

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