April 2010 NYCHS History Quiz
Questions deal with subjects covered among web pages of www.correctionhistory.org

1) SUNY Maritime College portrays its St. Mary's, that arrived at NY Harbor in 1874, as U.S. & NY's first nautical school ship. But actually Charities & Correction's Hart Island reformatory had already begun operating a nautical school ship in
a) 1871.
b) 1870.
c) 1869.
d) 1868.


3) Before use of the electric chair, at which correction facility did the last execution by hanging in New York State take place?
a) Raymond St. Jail, Brooklyn.
b) The Tombs, Manhattan.
c) Jefferson Mkt. Prison, Manhattan.
d) Sing Sing, Westchester


5) The resumes of four of the five women appointed New York City Department of Correction Commissioner include possession of a law degree. Which one acquired it after her appointment?
a) Dora B. Schriro.
b) Catherine M. Abate.
c) Jacqueline McMickens.
d) Anna M. Kross.


7) What year was Correction Officer George Motchan fatally shot by an escaping prisoner?
a) 1965.
b) 1975.
c) 1985.
d) 1995.


9) Who served as Correction Officers Benevolvet Association president and later as president of the Correction Captains Association?
a) Peter Meringolo.
b) Alfred Mandanici.
c) Donald J. Cranston.
d) Harold Brown.
2) What female social reformer played a note-worthy role in establishing women reformatories in NYS and in the emergence of NYC DOC as a separate agency?
a) Katharine Bement Davis.
b) Josephine Shaw Lowell.
c) Rose M. Singer.
d) Eliza Farnham.


4) When Coretta Scott King visited Rikers Island Jan. 14, 1972, she was accompanied by
a) Rev. Martin Luther King.
b) Harry Belafante.
c) Danny Glover.
d) none of the above.


6) Correction Officers used to be called Keepers. In NYC during the early 20th Century, inmates killed 4 keepers during escape attempts; 3 of the 4 were slain by gunfire, one by bludgeoning. Who was the latter?
a) Keeper Daniel Horgen, 1928.
b) Keeper Hugh McGovern, 1900.
c) Keeper Jeremiah Murphy, 1926.
d) Keeper Morris Broderson, 1928.


8) Over the years, Rikers Island has been promoted as offering a "cure"
a) for wife beating.
b) for narcotics addiction.
c) for city's garbage & trash disposal.
d) for all the above.


10) Since 1868 acquisition, Hart Island has been the site of various religious services in memory of those whose remains are buried there. Currently the Interfaith Friends of Potter's Field hold services periodically throughout the year. Once a year an Ascension Day mass is offered, a practice begun in
a) 1991.
b) 1996.
c) 2001.
d) 2006.

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