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Baughman, Henry L.LexingtonMcCreary’s05/21/65
Beard, James O.PickensMcCreary’s/A05/23/65
Brown, I. J.Barnwell6th/I05/05/65
Burnett, W. T.unknown13th/E05/11/65
Campbell, Elishaunknown14th Mil/A05/06/65
Campbell, RobertunknownButler’s/H05/15/65
Carter, TimothyTNButler’s/H05/19/65
Conner, PatrickPickens1st Art/F04/27/65
Covington, Elijahunknown 1st Art/D05/24/65
Coward, N. M.unknown14th Mil/B05/10/65
Crowder, WilliamunknownLucas’s/A05/11/65
Davis, J. R.KERSHAW7th Cav/K05/11/65
Debard, Lewisunknown14th/E06/01/65
Drummond, J.unknown14th/B05/25/65
Farmer, J. L.unknown1st/D06/04/65
Freeman, J.unknownButler’s/K06/07/65
Gibbs, G. ThomasunknownMcQueen’s L.Art04/11/65
Glasgow, James N.unknown14th/G06/13/65
Glover, John R.unknownMcCreary’s/C05/20/65
Gooding, Thomasunknown11th/D04/23/65
Graft, Charles M.Chesterfield21st/D Sgt.06/17/65
Griffin, Silasunknown14th Mil/E06/04/65
Hall, Jesse M.PickensOrr’s/C04/25/65
Harris, Edward J.unknown6th/D06/03/65
Henley, Charles C.Laurens14th/C06/19/65
Hollingfield, JacobunknownButler’s/G05/08/65
Horn, J. A.unknown14th Mil/B04/28/65
Hughes, JohnPickensMcCreary’s/I05/28/65
Inabinet, A.unknown1st Mil/A05/29/65
Johnson, Murdock D.unknownButler’s/A05/24/65
Jowers, J. W.unknown23rd/A05/29/65
Jowers, F. M.unknown17th/A04/03/65
Kay, Ruben M.unknownOrr’s/K05/20/65
Keefe, Ervin L.MarionPregram’s Art06/08/655
Lancster, L. L.Barnwell14th/B04/17/65
Laroche, WilliamunknownButler’s/A06/07/65
Little, Jacobunknown26th/K04/10/65
Lunday, JamesDarlington1st Art/B06/15/65
Mahan, W.unknownConscript04/29/65
Mathis, Thomas M.unknown14th/G05/18/65
Morris, John S.Barnwell14th Mil/A04/20/65
Morrison, Angusunknown1st Art/B05/13/65
Myer, John H.Charleston1st Art/F05/03/65
Parker, JamesunknownButler’s/F05/15/65
Poor, John M.Anderson1st Art/K06/18/65
Power, Tilman B.PickensOrr’s/A05/17/65
Rast, W. R.unknown14th Mil/C05/13/65
Robinson, JohnunknownButler’s/D07/01/65*
Shuler, D. M.unknown14th Mil/C05/05/65
Snow, Jesse L.unknownMcCreary’s/L05/10/65
Still, Isaacunknown14th Mil/A05/16/65
Still, T. E.unknown14th Mil/B04/28/65
Strickland, Henryunknown26th/D06/14/65
Strom, George B.unknown14th/D05/15/65
Stroman, A.unknown14th/E04/29/65
Tedder, S.Marion3rd/G05/10/65
Templeton, H. B.unknown14th Mil/B06/01/65
Tilley, WilliamBarnwell14th Mil/A04/23/65
Tindle(Tindall), Henry F.unknown5th Cav/I05/02/65
Trexler, J.unknown18th Mil/A05/02/65
Varn, H. D.unknown14th Mil/K05/11/65
Willbank, E. W.unknown12th/K4/19/65
Younginger, JosephLexington15th Mil/H04/29/65
63 South Carolinians
Who Died or
Otherwise Escaped
Hart Island's
Civil War POW Camp

NYCHS excerpts from Robert B. Hall's

South Carolina Prisoners of War
held at Hart’s Island
April - July, 1865

Author Robert B. Hall wrote:

The purpose for this list is to help those researching their families.

Prisoner of war records will give you some information you might not have otherwise.

I was able to get a general physical descriptions of two of my ancestors from these Hart’s Island records.
Robert B. Hall's Civil War researches came up with images of two who had survived being POWs on Hart Island: (above) His great-great grandfather Shelton Benjamin Hall, 7th SC Cav., Co. K, photo circa 1905, and (below) Henry Brigman, 26th SC Inf. Co. D.

The names below were pulled from the list of prisoners on the National Archives Microfilm #598-79.

Often times the names and information were incorrect.

I used Broadfoot’s Confederate State Roster, SC Soldiers, as a source to check the information from the list.

I also went through service records of many of the soldiers listed to check.

At times it was difficult to distinguish between the different infantry units that have the same numerical designation.

I did what I could to be sure but please double check my notes.

I tried to tell you if the unit was a militia or reserve unit.

If not noted otherwise, it is an Infantry unit.

If you find a family member listed please check his service records for confirmation and to gather additional information contained there. . . .

Several of the men listed as being from South Carolina on the records of Hart’s Island could not be confirmed and were omitted.

A few were included that were from other states. They were included because they did serve in South Carolina units. I assume they had ties to South Carolina.
Author to NYCHS:

The Henry Brigham image was given me by Elaine Jones. She is the family relation. . . .

I searched hard to find the right Mr. Davis (from Kershaw) and it turned out he was in my g-g grandfathers' (S. B. Hall & B. J. Ratcliff) unit.

My only other family relation at Hart Island was R. R. Beaty. He was twin to another g-g grandfather C. S. Beaty of the 24th and consolidated 16th/24th SCV. . . .

S. B. Hall was captured on his 39th birthday while at home on medical furlough. He was placed on the island the same day the rest of his unit was paroled. . . . Thanks for your work.

I have given the date of death for any soldier who in prison. Most of these men are not included on many lists of Confederate dead.

Webmaster's note:

Author Robert B. Hall's list of South Carolina soldiers held on the Hart Island April through July 1865 numbers about 680 names.

With his permission, NYCHS lists the one South Carolina POW who actually escaped that reputed concentration camp and the 62 who "escaped" by death. Click here to access his full list.

For the most part they died after the War was over and therefore they were not often included. Most were buried on the island.

This work has taken several months of research during my lunch hour and many more hours of typing and rechecking my lists.

It all started for me when I found my ancestor’s records indicating he was at Hart’s Island.

I hope you find this list useful.

I am sure that I have made mistakes.

Some of you may know of men I left out.

When you find any mistake please let me know.

I will gladly correct any confirmed mistakes as time allows.

Contact me at

This list has been updated February 7, 2002.

Good Luck in your search.

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