Two Murderers Executed
 in Clinton Prison - 1895


Two Murderers Executed in Clinton Prison.


          Two murderers, George H. Smith and Charles N. Davis, of Albany county were executed in Clinton prison on Tuesday, Oct. 29.  Smithís turn came first, and at 11:30 he was strapped to the chair and the current was turned on, and in a minute and a half he was pronounced dead.


          Davis was brought into the death room at 11:57 a.m., and strapped to the electric chair and two minutes later the current was turned on, and kept on about a minute when the man was pronounced dead.  The electrocution of both men was pronounced a success.  Smithís body was sent to Troy by order of his brother, and Davis was buried in the prison cemetery.


          Smithís crime was the murder of an inoffensive old man named Philip Richtmyer in the outskirts of Albany for $15 in pension money.  The crime was confessed by Smith.


          Davisís crime was the brutal outrage and murder of May Shannon, aged 6 years in Cohoes, in May, 1895.