maps from 1972 Clinton CF report

Thumbnail image of prison yard & inmate courts map.

Ron Roizen's brief history of Clinton Prison and his detailed study of the inmates' patio-courts take up 66 pages in the 1972 Kaplan & McLaughlin report on Clinton Correction Facility. That overall report ran 350+ printed 8.5x11 pages. Included throughout the overall report were various map and map-like illustrations. Listed and linked here are those most relevant to the focus of this NYCHS presentation:

List of Maps

  Correction Facilities -- map showing Clinton CF in relation to other NYS correctional facilities and showing its catchment area.

  Major Cities -- map showing location of Dannemora and Plattsburgh in relation to other NY cities.

  Regional -- map showing Dannemora and Plattsburgh in relation to other major locations in its region of NYS.

  Topographic map #1 -- detail from topographical map showing Clinton State prison and State Hospital.

  Topographic map #2 -- diagram depicting the rising elevations of the prison grounds.

  The Yard & the Courts -- map showing inmate recreation yard patio courts in relation to other features in the prison.

Webmaster Note: Because reducing some 8.5x11 inch maps to fit a web page screen renders most of their words too small to be read, only the most relevant sections of those maps are presented. In Topography Map #2, words from the larger version of the map image -- originally spread out over two pages -- were pasted over their corresponding unreable words on the reduced-to-fit version of the map image.