VI: Staff Hiring
–Acquisition of
Office Space

Based on FOIA’s s success in raising funds it hired its first employee in 1991 as a program developer, whose mandate was to work in tandem with the Board of Directors to raise funds and expand the client base.  In early 1992, FOIA hired its second employee. 

By the end of 1992, FOIA was in a position to hire a job developer and a youth counselor. 

Side-by-side placement of the Austin H. MacCormick - Island Academy sign and the John Jay College Program sign, with the arrow point "this way," seems to suggest academy students consider pursuing their studies with an eye to advancing eventually to the collegiate level.
As of January 2001, FOIA has 15 full-time staff people, some part-time employees, several of whom are graduates of the program, and a substantial number of interns.

Office space was acquired prior to FOIA hiring its first employee through the generosity of Fr. Stephen J. Chinlund and the Episcopal Social Services Agency.  Initially FOIA occupied one cubicle rent-free. 

In a very short period of time, FOIA was using five independent spaces, sharing common spaces and paying rent. 

By 1998, FOIA moved to its present address, 500 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1209, New York, NY 10018.  A multi-use site that includes offices, conference rooms, school rooms and a recreation room.

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